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‘Little Ones’ sleep programme

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Twinmumessex Wed 01-Nov-17 08:09:58

This company keeps popping up on my Facebook and insta feed. Has anyone used it with success? Thanks

FortheloveofJames Wed 01-Nov-17 20:59:22

I used them out of desperation in the depths of sleep deprivation. They have some good tips but ultimately not worth it. Tbh I was silly to think that once guide would suit any baby, as they are all so different. A lot of what was in the guides was just common sense or advice that I’d already seen on the internet or on here.

riddles26 Thu 02-Nov-17 18:01:07

I'm going to start by saying that I haven't used them so am predicting what the content is but I am dubious of how useful they will be.

Most books and sleep consultants will give very similar information in terms of the routine (roughly 7am-7pm routine with 3 naps/day from around 4 months until 7/8 months then 2 naps/day until around 14-18 months). Most of the leading books focus on one sleep training technique eg Baby Whisperer talks about PUPD, Baby Secrets is Spaced Soothing etc etc. I am guessing this programme gives you information on the same routine plus all the settling techniques rather than just one.

However, where a sleep consultant differs is that they tailor this advice to your expectations and style of parenting. They then hold your hand as you implement it and discuss how each day goes with you, guiding you where you need to make adjustments for the training to be successful. I feel like the inventors of this programme are trying to create a bridge between sleep consultants and the books but I personally feel that its expensive for what it is.

I used a sleep consultant and I'll be completely honest - when I came away from the first consultation, I felt really disappointed as the routine she gave me was the same as in most of the books I had read, and the technique she told me to try was also in one of the books. I felt like she hadn't given me any information I did not already know. As the week went on, however, I realised that I was paying her to hold my hand, go through it with me and suggest changes based on the logs I completed and sent her each day. It was worth every penny as I had read so so many books but only got the results once I did it with her.

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