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Is this sleep routine ok?

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Newmum26 Tue 31-Oct-17 09:57:05

Little one is 6 Months Old. His sleep pattern has changed over the last few months.
He used to go to bed quite late when he was a few months old at 9pm wake up 1/2am for a bottle then sleep until 6am have another bottle then would go back down until 9/10am 🙌
As he’s got older he has naturally brought his own bed time forward himself and quite happily goes down at 7.30pm. He will wake around 2am for a bottle then sleep straight until 6.30am - 7.00am.
I’m not an early person so I’m feeling this is an early start to the day but from what my friends say this is normal! 😂
Is this an ok routine for a 6 Month Old?
Thanks 😊

riddles26 Tue 31-Oct-17 10:04:21

From the night sleep perspective that is completely normal and you have nothing to worry about. At the same age, my daughter was sleeping at very similar times and also waking once in the night for a feed and back to sleep until morning.

How many naps does he have each day?

I know exactly what you mean about early - in the first 3 months mine also slept until 9am and it was bliss. We have since had to get used to 6-7am starts (she is almost 1 and they are here to stay for the foreseeable future for us!)

Newmum26 Tue 31-Oct-17 10:11:08

Oh forgot to say about the daytime naps 😂
He has three naps a day. Morning, lunchtime and early tea time a cat nap. Unfortunately he won’t nap in his crib in the day what so ever, but at night goes down awake in his crib and puts himself to sleep within minutes.
Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one 😂 It’s just funny how their little routines change.
Did your LO drop the 2am feed at all? I’m hi king it’s still too early for him to drop that feed. He was sleeping through from 10weeks 9-5am but then that changed when he started teething and going through growth spurts 😂

riddles26 Tue 31-Oct-17 10:21:18

Are you happy with the length of the naps? Mine resists sleep a lot and doesn't always show tired signs until its too late so I have used this as a guide to ensure she is sleeping enough.

Otherwise routine sounds perfect to me. In my case, the night feed has gone back and forth between 6-12 months old - she drops it then gets ill/has a developmental leap/teeth come out so we go back to waking in the night for a bit. She's ebf so there has been a significant comfort element too so I haven't night-weaned. Also, we have followed BLW and she has been very slow to food because of teething pain (her 10th one is coming out as we speak). Friends' babies who took well to food have slept through consistently from 7-8 months - hopefully yours will fit into that category too.

KalaLaka Tue 31-Oct-17 10:26:44

You may actually find the morning gets earlier as your baby gets older, lots of toddlers and young children get up at 5:30/6. 6:30/7 is not early for a baby, it's normal.

Your routine sounds fantastic!

FATEdestiny Tue 31-Oct-17 22:17:34

goes down at 7.30pm. He will wake around 2am for a bottle then sleep straight until 6.30am - 7.00am

So baby is doing a 6h block of sleep. The next move to get baby used to doing longer would be making the feed earlier. Could you wake baby at 11pm to feed? (Or whenever you go to bed). An 11pm feed could protentially give you an 8h block of sleep 11pm-7am.

The 11pm feed wants to be a proper wake up. So you might want to change baby's nappy simple as a means to fully wake him up. Try to keep him awake through the feed so he takes a full feed. Then resettle back to sleep with a nice clean nappy and full tummy.

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