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Nighttime/early hours tantrums

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Nottalotta Tue 31-Oct-17 05:47:41

Ds1 has slept through for a year or so. He's 2yrs 3months.

Since the start of September he's been ill on and off most recently with hand foot and mouth. On a few occasions over this time, and 3 or r times l.ast week, my husband has taken him into out bed to sleep at various times (once 9.30 pm, 1am then early morning)

Now though, ds wants to carry on. He's started night waking when he was ill in Sept but I managed to settle him in cot. It went on for about 4 weeks then we had almost a week ofor no waking but still crying when he woke up in the morning.

Sunday night 1am then 4 am then 5.30. Settled the first two times then sat in his room telling him it wasn't time to get up til 6. He was not happy.

This morning, 4 am. Hasn't gone back to sleep at all and husband has got up with him and gone downstairs. At 5.30.

I'm thinking of getting a gro clock but not sure how to deal with this. He was wailing a but and I go in quickly to try and prevent the baby from being woken but theven last two nights he's really kicked off when he's seen me.

Nottalotta Tue 31-Oct-17 06:01:10

Meant to say, he's been going to sleep later too, it was 8 before he was in bed last night .

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