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16 Month Sleep Battles

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snltay Mon 30-Oct-17 07:53:59

I am having real trouble with my 16 month old girl and sleep. She has never been a good sleeper. I have probably not made things easy for myself, always fed her to sleep when younger, she has a bottle at bed time now. I have always rocked her to sleep. But She now fights me at nap and bedtime, to the point i can now not even hold her to rock her, and she screams at me. Bedtime has become so traumatic for both of us, she resists with all her energy.
I have now set up her room for her to sleep in and have a toddler bed in there with a guard rail, and wondering if anyone has any advice on how to make the transition, and teach her that bedtime is not a bad thing!

FATEdestiny Mon 30-Oct-17 09:59:30

Why have you done a bed for her? 16 months is very, very young for a bed unless you are planning to cosleep with her.

If you're wanting her in a bed not a cot, I'd suggest the very first thing you do is det up a mattress or bed for you in her room. You just won't get her staying in bed otherwise.

snltay Mon 30-Oct-17 14:35:31

I chose to make the cotbed into a cot as i felt it was a good way, along with the new room, to break all associations with the traumatic bedtime. This was I can encourage her to chose to get into bed...

Today I got her to nap in her new room and in her bed. We spent two hours in her room with her getting used to her bed and putting her teddies to bed. I still rocked her to sleep but she was much calmer, no screaming... so fingers crossed for tonight! any other advice on helping toddlers with sleep still much appreciated!

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