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11 Year old won't sleep on top bunk

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Hayleynoel Thu 26-Oct-17 04:54:36

About a year ago my grandmother and I took in my three younger brothers from my mom and about four months later we got them a bunk bed. Since the day we got it the two oldest have refused to sleep on the top (11,8) and the youngest is only three so we decided the 11 year old would need to sleep on top because he's bigger and would take up more room on the bottom with the 3 year old, however every single night he crawls off the top and sleeps on the floor. How do we get him to sleep on the bed? Help!

endofthelinefinally Thu 26-Oct-17 05:03:48

Honestly I would store his bedding on the bunk, buy a roll up matress topper to store up there as well, and just let him sleep on the floor.
As long as he tidies it all up every morning I wouldn't fight with him.
It sounds as if there is a back story and maybe there are psychological reasons he can't sleep on the top.
He might be afraid of falling.

MrsFoxPlus4 Thu 26-Oct-17 05:04:06

Maybe he doesn’t like sleeping high up? Possibly move his mattress onto the floor or get single bed frames?

HashtagTired Thu 26-Oct-17 05:16:34

It sounds as if there is a back story and maybe there are psychological reasons he can't sleep on the top.

This ^
And it might be that he just wants to be with his siblings and feels isolated up there.

OldWitch00 Thu 26-Oct-17 05:33:52

get a roll out trundle bed frame that fits under the bottom bunk. if he doesn't want to sleep up there now certainly don't force him. but get him a bit more comfort than on the floor.

lightcola Thu 26-Oct-17 05:36:22

I didn't like sleeping on the top bunk as a child either. Just let him sleep on the floor.

RavingRoo Thu 26-Oct-17 05:50:13

Clearly bunk beds aren’t working. Can you get rid and get seperate beds for them instead?

blueskyinmarch Thu 26-Oct-17 06:20:13

They have obviously been through a traumatic time if they have been removed from their parents and I would think the have some separation anxiety. Night time can be a lonely place and they probably get a lot comfort from sleeping close to each other. He may also have a need to be near his younger brothers as a protective factor. Let him sleep on his mattress beside them. Maybe keeps the mattress under the bed and pull it out for him. Reassure him that it is okay. Poor lads.

MargotsDevil Thu 26-Oct-17 07:39:50

Sorry, but where is the 8 year old sleeping? Don't they have a bed each?

LIZS Thu 26-Oct-17 07:45:32

Can you not split the bunkbeds or stagger them at a mid height level ? Are the younger ones sharing the bottom one.

ToesInWater Thu 26-Oct-17 08:00:08

It sounds like life has not been good to these boys until now so I would really try not to get frustrated about this. Put his mattress on the floor, do whatever makes these three boys feel safe.

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