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My awful 2 year old...

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PersisFord Wed 25-Oct-17 19:48:56

I could do with some ideas for my 2 year old. He was always a great sleeper (although an early riser!) but we have moved countries and he has had lots of upheaval, jet lag and cosleeping in hotel rooms until we got settled. He is now sharing with his sisters who are 4.

He goes to sleep on his own (usually) after the usual bedtime routine. Has a selection of toys in bed with him - a couple of favourites but no specific one. No dummy.

He then wakes up through the night. Last night he was up at 10:30 (I just tucked him in and patted him a bit) but then at 3 was going crazy - I ended up lying with him on the floor of their bedroom and he just kicked and rolled around until I gave him to DH at about 5. He did doze a bit in that time but no proper sleep. We have something like this every night - I would be very happy to cosleep but he just can’t sleep with us (especially if he sees Daddy....). Sometimes he will settle if I get to him quickly enough and lie by his bed and hold his hand.

He usually naps in the day - sometimes for ages - but usually only in the car or the pushchair - he’s got terrible FOMO and won’t go to bed in the day. There doesn’t seem much difference in his sleep if he does nap or doesn’t, or if he has a long nap or a short one.

I’m quite a gentle parent (well, with regard to Sleep!!) and usually reckon that if they are crying for me in the night it’s because they need me, and that they will grow out of it. This was certainly the case with the girls. But this one has a VERY different personality - he’s very sunny and happy but if he is thwarted AT ALL he goes straight to full on tantrum. This is difficult to deal with at night in a tiny house with thin walls, 2 other kids and close neighbours.

Any ideas? I’m approaching the end of my tether....

FATEdestiny Wed 25-Oct-17 20:52:59

How long ago did he stop cosleeping?

PersisFord Wed 25-Oct-17 21:03:23

He has never routinely coslept, just when we were travelling. I guess it’s about 6 weeks since we’ve been here and he’s been going to bed in his own bed

PersisFord Wed 25-Oct-17 21:04:01

He would be v welcome in our bed but he doesn’t sleep there - just kicks and wroggles

PersisFord Thu 26-Oct-17 08:07:25

I should add that he has AWFUL separation anxiety, and I went away for a week about 2 weeks ago. Apparently he was ok then! He’s adorable and he is my baby - i would be very happy to have him in bed. But....he has to SLEEP there!

PersisFord Fri 27-Oct-17 09:00:45

OK, I brought him in with us at 10:30 last night (when he first woke) and he settled beautifully and slept until 6. We are all significantly refreshed! Hopefully he will start to just come in and not wake me (that’s what the others did). I’m still in the market for any clever solutions, but if every night is like last night....that’s ok!

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