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Baby won't nap in Crib in the daytime

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Newmum26 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:46:07

My LO is 5 and a half months Old.
He is a great night time sleeper will go down in his crib in our room around 8pm awake and settles himself to sleep within 5 minutes no crying or playing up. He will sleep through until 8am sometimes with a wake up around 3-5am depending on if he’s hungry or not.
Daytime naps are the bane of my life 😩
He will nap in the cafe if we are out, in the pushchair if we are out, or cuddled on me at home on the sofa. If cuddling a little bit of swaying and rocking and he’s gone. Will sleep a good 2-3 hours like that as if he goes to wake I can jig him and he stays asleep.
I haven’t tried putting him down in his crib since it was a disaster around 12 Weeks Old. He cried as soon as I put him down in the crib and wouldn’t settle.
I don’t know if I’m time when he gets older I will be able to try it and he will do it when he’s ready in the crib? Or should I be trying to conquer it now?
Trouble is I don’t want to upset the night time Crib routine as he’s a dream going down at night I worry if I persist with trying him in the day then he may start to cry at night too 😬
He won’t take a dummy. Sometimes if I hold it there and he’s stops shaking his head side to side he will take it but very rarely and it’s more hassle than not as he gets cross when I try and get him to take it.
Any suggestions welcome thanks 😊

crazycatlady5 Mon 23-Oct-17 17:01:37

To be honest, you have an amazing sleeper! Most people struggle to get 3 hours stretches at night and some babies won’t nap anywhere!! I would just take what you have and be happy smile honestly it could be a lot lot worse, don’t worry mama x

GerrytheBerry Mon 23-Oct-17 17:11:17

Oh my goodness our babies are the same age and mine is such a pickle compared to yours! She was so good up to about 4 months then she decided to lead me a merry dance. Now she won't sleep without me next to her, not even for a while so that I can go and watch corrie! She goes to bed fine but within an hour she wakes up allllll the time unless I'm next to her, so I am just jealous of you, sorry. Also my baby does not even sleep in the pram she has typical nosey cow syndrome and doesn't want to miss a thing.
But she's the most smiley baby ever so I'm keeping her.

FATEdestiny Mon 23-Oct-17 17:34:36

The head shaking side to side is a tired sign, so baby is over tired at this point and baby needed to be asleep at least half an hour earlier.

Your key to making cot naps easier will be down to timing. Put baby down over tired and she's going to need extra help to get to sleep (in the form of movement or cuddles or whatever). It is much easier to put an under-tired, well rested baby down to sleep than it is an over tired one.

So if you have a day of good, long, plentiful naps and this is followed by a good night with plenty of uninterputed sleep, then try your first nap of the day as a crib nap about 90m-2h after waking. It's fine if it's a crib nap only occassionally at first, and 1st naps of the day are usually easiest.

Newmum26 Tue 24-Oct-17 15:48:50

Thanks for the advice. I think your right CrazyCatLady I’m stressing over it too much and should be grateful he sleep so well at night. I just hear so much about making a point of putting your baby down for naps in his crib I feel like I should be doing it now or he will never do it.
FaetDestiny I tried the not over tired approach today and he was all smiles for a few minutes until he realised what I was trying to do and then he started moaning. I left him but the moaning turned into full blown crying I just don’t know what to do.

FATEdestiny Tue 24-Oct-17 16:17:02

An established dummy would help, most other methods will involve some degree of crying unless you feed to sleep.

Aside from that, it becomes about persevering and making going to sleep not optional or negotiable.

Remember that in moaning and crying baby is not making a measured or conscious choice not to sleep. Baby has nowhere close to that level of congestive ability. The crying is just saying I need you to help more/longer so I can go to sleep.

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