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16month old routine

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doozeldog Tue 17-Oct-17 09:14:04

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody would like to share there child’s routine including day time naps please!

My LB wakes multiple times a night and starts the day at 4.30

This is our day to day routine

4.30 wake up -leave to chat/moan/cry until 5.30 occasionally go in put dummy bk in and try to re settle
5.30/6am bottle
7am breakfast
8.30 he is exhausted so has a nap for 30mins
10am snack
12pm dinner
2pm nap 30mins to 50 mins
5pm tea
6 bath
6.30 bottle
7 bed

Do I need to drop morning nap?

FATEdestiny Tue 17-Oct-17 10:20:10

At 16 months (and through to 20-22 months) out routine was:

Wake 6.30-7am (having sleep through)
Woken at 7am if not already awake.
7.30am breakfast and dressed
8.30am school run
9/9.30am - 11am nap
Woken at 11am, would sleep longer
12pm lunch
1pm-3pm nap
Woken at 3pm, would sleep longer
3.15pm school run
5.30pm family dinner
7.30-8pm bedtime
Asleep by 8pm, on own in cot with dummy

FATEdestiny Tue 17-Oct-17 10:30:12

Sorry, i was called away before i finished my post...

I wouldn't drop the nap, I would be trying to extend them. Where is baby having these naps?

FurryGiraffe Tue 17-Oct-17 10:39:57

Mine is 17 months but from about 15 months we have done:

Up 5.30-6 Morning BF straight away (or soon after- sometimes gets skipped at the weekend if I have a lie in
6.30-7 Breakfast and dressed
7.30 Off to nursery where he’ll have second breakfast at 7.45 grin (on non nursery days then we leave for school run at 8.20, he’s in the buggy and if he had a bad night he might have a quick catnap)
11.30/12 lunch - earlier at nursery, but later at home
12.30- 2.30 nap. Will wake after 2.5 hours if hasn’t woken- usually has
3.30- afternoon snac
5.30- dinner
6.30- BF
7.00- Bed (settles in cot with parent in the room)

At the moment he wakes once or twice, has a sip of water (we don’t get him out of the cot) and goes back to sleep. I suspect he’d sleep through if we could get his asthma under control and he wasn’t coughing himself awake.

Why do you think you should drop the morning nap? It doesn’t look like a huge amount of daytime sleep considering the relatively brief night. We dropped the morning nap when even 45 mins in the morning meant he wouldn’t sleep in the afternoon till 3, which in turn made bedtime very late and he was waking early so not getting enough sleep really.

Billi77 Tue 17-Oct-17 23:10:28

Wow these sure do vary !
Mine with 16 month DD little something like

8- wake up
8.20- breakfast, get changed
9- head to nursery till 12
12.15- lunch (often on way back from nursery so she's eaten before ...)
12.30-2 - nap (this varies and is longer if in car or pram)
6.00 - dinner
645 - bath
7.00 - put in PJs on my bed, book/story
7.10 - bottle, wind down either with Book or in the night garden
7.15/30 - bed (in cot). I have to hold her hand to get her to sleep and this bit can take ages! The earliest she's gone down this week is 7, the latest 9.....
She sleep through with brief wake ups, one of which gets her a place back in my bed.

Drinaballerina Wed 18-Oct-17 21:39:17

My 16 month (this week at least grin)

7am - wake up
7.30 - breakfast
8.30 - school run - if she's woken up early she might have a short nap in the car on the way back.
11.45 - lunch
12-2.30 - nap
5 - dinner
6 - bath and milk
In bed with dummy by 7 and asleep soon after.

Wakes once or twice in the night (sometime sleeps through) for water.

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