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Daytime Naps with a Second Baby

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FraggleRock77 Mon 16-Oct-17 02:46:28

Just that really. With our first DS now 4, i was able to offer protected nap times and stick to a good daytime routine. With our second DS 10 weeks, I'm having to do school runs, shopping etc etc. Our new DS seems to be getting enough sleep but it does seem to be in the car or pram. Did others have this experience and how did it work out long term?x

FATEdestiny Mon 16-Oct-17 08:20:59

I found that babies born into a household that already has routine makes life much easier with baby.

Given you probably already have set wake up times, meal times, bedtimes. And if school-age you have established blocks of time to your day (before school, "morning" being from school run to lunch, "afternoon" being lunch to school run, after school and evening) it very much helps structure your day with baby.

Second and subsequent children to school age children have to fit into a life of immovable routines from Day 1. I think that makes everything easier.

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