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Nap troubles

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1sttimemumm Thu 12-Oct-17 21:00:25

My baby has just turned 7 months and I'm hoping for nap tips please! There's a lot of info out there on night sleeping but not so much on naps. Lets face it, not many mums get sleep at night but I feel alone on the nap front.

Please throw any ideas below and feel free to read me rabbiting on below below if you like:

She doesn't sleep great at night (up approx every 1-3hrs) which isn't ideal but I can deal by going to bed early but what is exhausting/worrying me is her getting to sleep and her fighting sleep especially during the day. I feel like every day all day is just a battle trying to get an overtired baby to nap. This has made a routine impossible and she's very inconsistent but sometimes she will only do two 10 min naps or one 20 min nap all day.
She will only breastfeed to sleep or be bounced to sleep in her bouncer (yes I know my fault). But even this doesn't work sometimes now she's getting too big for bouncer and a quick feeder. She's overtired all the time. I've tried white noise, dummy, leaving her etc. Maybe I should try a strict leaving her routine. We've never left her for ages as not sure agree with it and even leaving her for 5 mins the other day she throws herself around so much gets limbs stuck in cot, is often sick all over herself and sheets as feeds before bed and tries to pull her mobile down. She's just started crawling too so is very mobile.

She's extremely fidgety and a very active demanding baby that will never just sit still. She's super smiley and generally happy most of the time but is just always tired (rubbing eyes yawning and wining till she finds someone to smile at). When I'm out and about it's ok as she's tired but entertained but when I'm at home she is unhappy. I feel like I'm doing her a disservice as she would be such a happy content baby if I mastered napping.
She's weaning but BLW so sometimes barley eating and has just developed Eczema

FATEdestiny Sat 14-Oct-17 10:52:39

Baby sounds completely over tired to the extreme. Do you have any emergency measures to get her to nap? For example a long and boring car journey? No music on, no talking, just a massive nonstop 2h drive.

Before you start tacking sleep, I'd say you need 2 or 3 days of "Any Sleep, Anyhow". Just get baby sleeping as much as you can however you can get that.

Committing to cosleep for naps may be another emergency sleep method. Or non stop bouncy chair bouncing in a dark room with white noise quite loud and keep the movement going all the way through the nap in a rhythmic way.

Once you have had a few days of better naps (I would suggest at least three naps of 45m or more), then I would start to establish a more sustainable way to get baby to sleep. This will involve crying but I am not suggesting you leave baby alone to cry. I would try in-cot settling methods.

A routine for your naps would probably help too. If this is your first child and you recognise sleep habits are not great, you may have no understanding what expected sleep patterns look like and sleep signs may be harder to detect. So i would suggest working on a routines based around 90m-2h awake time between naps.

crazycatlady5 Sat 14-Oct-17 14:23:32

My 9 month old has only ever napped (properly) in the dark, with white noise on, with me feeding her to sleep. Or in the baby carrier if I go for a walk. She will doze occasionally in the car and buggy but she’s usually too busy looking around. It’s like she’s over stimulated so the dark and white noise helps wonders. Is this something you can try?

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