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Solutions for when controlled crying works but 10 month old keeps waking up

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NezPatz Wed 11-Oct-17 17:52:18

Help would be massively appreciated! Our second child, a gorgeous, active and 97th percentile 10 month old baby boy, is also a terrible sleeper.

As a result we attempted to sleep train him a few weekends ago with controlled crying with great success. By the end of the weekend, he slept from his dream feed at 11:30 through until 6pm! Great we thought, we've cracked it!

Unfortunately over the course of the next few weeks he started getting gradually worse again until the current state which is that he keeps waking up and crying out during the night.

The problem is that because controlled crying worked with him, when we lie him back down in his cot (He is typically stood up and crying when we get to him) he goes straight back to sleep, so no opportunity to 'train' him. We then get back into bed and try to get back to sleep. Alas, 15-20 minutes later he wakes again typically just when we are either drifting off to sleep or have gone to sleep.

It's like the little git has somehow absorbed and is putting into practice sleep depravation torture tactics! This isn't helped by our 5 year old girl either being woken up by him or waking him up!

Putting him into bed with us so we can get some sleep, unlike with our first, doesn't work as he then gets excited and decides to crawl on us/off the bed/grab our faces or otherwise act like its the morning!

Only option that seems to be open to us is to not react when he wakes up ie not go in to lie him back down, and start the controlled crying without the initial visit from us. Refer back to the waking his sister sentence above for the problem with this option though.

On a typical night like last night, he woke up 4 times between going down at 7:30pm and the dream feed at 11:00pm yesterday evening and a further 8 times during the night after the dream feed before we gave up at 5:30am in the morning and got up with him.

Any ideas or suggestions would therefore be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Neil (An increasingly frazzled husband to an increasingly emotional wife!)

crazycatlady5 Wed 11-Oct-17 20:07:22

I think sadly this is the problem with sleep training - it’s a quick fix and then normal baby sleep patterns rear their head again.

Sorry you’re having a tough time but it really is normal for some babies to wake frequently especially in the first year. Some are able to get themselves back to sleep whereas others cry out for help. Must be super tough if you can’t bedshare sad sorry I can’t help more but just wanted to point out your little guy is normal x

NezPatz Wed 11-Oct-17 20:27:07

Thanks for your response, really appreciate it. He is perfect in every other way, it's just got tough recently now my wife has gone back to work! Oh well, I'm giving my wife some respite this weekend so will attempt my plan!

LalaLeona Wed 11-Oct-17 20:31:52

My boy was exactly the same at that age, I think it's all teething related

welshweasel Wed 11-Oct-17 20:39:10

Is he mobile? Many babies go through a sleep regression like this when they start crawling/walking. Ours lasted about a month and was utterly soul destroying but it passed. I'd go with keeping him in his cot. When he wakes give him 5 minutes to settle himself. If he doesn't then go in and lie him down, no other interaction/lights etc. Eventually ours got the idea and went back to sleeping through. I'd caution against taking him into your bed or doing anything else that you don't want to make into a long term habit at this stage.

Also does he have a comforter/muslin/toy? If not, this is a good age to introduce one.

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