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Toddler in our bed every night - advice please?

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QFmum1 Mon 09-Oct-17 11:25:59

DD (almost 3) was a happy independent sleeper until three or so months after DS was born eight months ago. Then she started getting up and coming into our bed, often making a fuss about it. We just accepted it, figuring she'd had a lot of change etc. Also too tired to address it at the time. But the phase isn't passing like I had hoped, if anything getting worse. She comes through every night often before midnight.

DS is in his own roomand not sleeping through yet so I normally just sleep inwith him as we have a bed in there, and I dont want to be disturbed any more than I have to. So DH shares a bad with DD, and I sleep in another room with DS. We both agree getting the max amount of sleep is important especially with me going back to work next week but I would like to get back to DD sleeping in her own room all night long so I can sleep in my own bed again.

Any tips on how to,achieve this? Our plan is a reward system but im not sure this will be enough so we are also considering taking her back to bed every time until she stays there...maybe closing the stair gate on her door so,she can't come out. But don't really fancy the middle of th night screaming this will probably lead to!! Also not sure it will be effective??

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

misscph1973 Mon 09-Oct-17 11:43:35

She is old enough for a reward chart, have you considered that? I think gently taking her back to her bed is really the only way, stair gate does NOT sound like a good idea ;)

I found it really hard, mine have a similar age gap. It might help if the children share a room? But tbh I still think sleep is more important than where the DC sleep at that age. Also as you are returning to work, you need all the sleep you can get.

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