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How do you gently night wean a young 1 year old???

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CosyPinkBlanket Sun 08-Oct-17 12:42:22

Hi, so I have a 14-month old dd who I'm still breastfeeding to sleep and feeding through the night. She is fully day weaned as I'm back to work and she's at nursery. Bedtime is a battle. No matter how tired she is, she won't go to sleep so breastfeeding her to sleep is the only way I can get her down without hysterics. She won't settle for her dad and she can easily cry/scream for almost 2 hours before it gets too much for me and I feed her. It takes on average 2 hours of feeding/nursing/playing (dicking about)/feeding/nursing before she gives in to sleep. Even then it's only for an hour then she wakes again wanting to feed. Sometimes I'm there and sometimes I'm not (I'll be downstairs). She's in a Next2Me so once she's asleep, I don't have to move her. It also means night feeds are easy. She's waking at least 3 times a night. It was midnight when eventually went down last night and she still woke three times between then and 6am. The annoying part is, she will happily sleep between 6am and 10am without waking or sometimes through the day she can nap in the buggy or on me for 3 hours without looking for a feed. I'm not really ready to stop breastfeeding but think I have to as she's worn holes into the base of my nipples with her teeth and exposed raw flesh. They're not healing up as every time I feed her, they open up again. And I'm feeding her around 4 times a night! I know I need to move her into her own room too but there never seems to be a good time. Can anyone give me any advice on how to gently night wean. Cuddles from me without boob doesn't work (she ends up hysterical) and cuddles with dad doesn't work either (again, she gets hysterical). And I can't bear her crying so I can't do any cry it out/controlled crying methods. Does anyone have any advice? x

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