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Struggling with 2nd nap

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cumbrimum Sat 07-Oct-17 14:41:34

Hi ladies...just after some more of your wonderful advise smile
DS is 11.5 months and for ages now I've had a good little routine going following 2,3,4 (more like 2.5,3.5,4). Waking up at 6:30ish and bedtime 7pm ish. Anyway his awake time has obviously increased with age, as you would expect, but it's really thrown everything off and 3 days on the trot now I've failed to get him down in the cot...resulting in car drives, late 2nd naps (waking at 4pm) and then late bedtimes 🙄 as it's too long for him to be awake from morning nap to bed! What to do?
Do I restrict 1st nap so I can get him down for 2nd nap?
Or allow long first nap and just accept it's late 2nd nap and late bedtime for a while? He's too young for 1 Nap surely??
Example today-
Wake 6:30
1st Nap 9-10:30
2nd Nap 2pm (failed attempt in cot so DH is out walking with pram!)
Any thoughts, suggestions appreciated 😀

Jasquers Sat 07-Oct-17 15:06:19

I am going through the same with my 10.5 month old. Today wake at 7.10am. Napped 9.55-1100.
Put him down at 2.15 but is still awake now-playing, squealing and kicking his cot. I will leave him as know he has to fall asleep eventually-he cant go from 11-7 without sleep surely-but will wake at 4pm regardless of how long he sleeps as I like a decent bedtime. Definitely becoming more defiant!

cumbrimum Sat 07-Oct-17 15:07:08

Should probably add that late 2nd nap is tricky as I have to go to collect pre-schooler for 3:30 so I really need 2nd nap over and done with for us to leave at 3:15!

cumbrimum Sat 07-Oct-17 15:08:57

Snap! Hate late bedtime 😂
At least u can leave yours...I feed to sleep (more or less) so he just goes crazy if he's in cot nt asleep!

Cakescakescakes Sat 07-Oct-17 15:09:05

Both of mine were on one nap by that age. They were often in bed for the night by 6.15pm then for a while. They happily dropped napping totally by the age of 2 - just not fans of sleeping during the day!

Jasquers Sat 07-Oct-17 15:11:10

He's asleep after 40 mins of protest........I think its too early for one nap as he really likes his morning nap by 10am.

cumbrimum Sat 07-Oct-17 15:11:59

That's interesting! Wow I can't imagine my little man managing any more than 5 hours wake time without being hysterical 🙈 Even 4 before bed can sometimes feel a bit long!
My toddler quit napping at 2...depressing isn't it 😂

cumbrimum Sat 07-Oct-17 15:12:51

So Jasquers will you wake at 4 and have 8pm bedtime?

Jasquers Sat 07-Oct-17 15:18:45

False alarm...he's still chattering away. He should still go down by 7.30pm given how little he has slept today.

Jasquers Sat 07-Oct-17 15:28:30

Asleep 3.25pm. He's going to be cranky when I wake him at 4pm...but better than no sleep at all I guess. Maybe I should cut the morning nap back to 45 mins?

FATEdestiny Sat 07-Oct-17 15:42:37

I would limit the morning nap. I would do that by making it later to start, rather than earlier to finish. So for example move to 9.30am nap and wake at 10.30am.

It's not unusual that feeding to sleep stops being as effective once into the toddler months. This may well be the primary reason for the second nap being difficult.

usersos Sat 07-Oct-17 15:46:04

My baby is same age. Sleeps 6-6. First nap 9-930 then 1-3.....
I think your morning nap is too long or you make it your longest nap of the day and change his pm to the shorter of the 2.....
Both naps should amount to a total of under 3 hours apparently .........! X

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Sat 07-Oct-17 15:49:30

Ds1 went down to one nap around that age, I just couldn’t get a second nap in for the reasons you state. He was shattered by 10am ish so I would get him down at 10.30, he’d sleep for a couple of hours and then I’d get him in bed for 6pm. He was pretty ratty in the evenings for a few weeks but actually overall coped really well. The nap then got later and later over I’d say about 4 months until by 16 months he went down 12-2pm and bedtime was back to 7pm. It’s just a tricky transition period.

cumbrimum Sat 07-Oct-17 17:42:46

Thanks all for the responses smile

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