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Sleepyhead safe?

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Mumtonoah5 Fri 06-Oct-17 09:32:37

My DS has a sleepyhead which he uses in his Snuzpod for all naps and night sleep.
I have just seen an article of the BBC saying that sleep positioners are unsafe and being banned.
I wondered if the sleepyhead is included in this?

TopazFox Fri 06-Oct-17 13:09:47

I was wondering the same, I'm due to have my first baby next week and my sister has bought me a Sleepyhead Deluxe. She says all her friends swear by it but I don't want to use it if it's dangerous!

RNBrie Fri 06-Oct-17 13:11:42

Sleep positioners are not being banned in the UK, only the US. They are being removed from sale by some companies, which is different. The sleepyhead is not being removed from sale.

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