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11 month old. Will only sleep next to me. Any tips?

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Sophietucker84 Thu 21-Sep-17 21:10:27

My son has just turned 11 months. He has been in his own room/cot since 4 months old and has slept through ( apart from feeds) in his own room. About 6-7 weeks ago he just completely changed and did not want to sleep or for that matter go to sleep. Alot was him teething and his top teeth cutting through but since then he just will not sleep unless he is next to me. I tired keeping him in his own cot and letting him cry but it was so horrible and tiring. To get a nights sleep i have been putting him in bed with me. I always said i will try keeping him in his own bed but its so hard when you just need a full nights sleep and im pregnant again so even more tired than normal.

My routine that hes had for around last 6 months..

Bath or wash at around half 7 8.
Bottle and bed in my room and move him to his cot around 9 once i know he is asleep.
But now....

He will wake up crying between 12 and 1 every night!. I have tired leaving him to cry but find it wakes him up and harder to get him back to sleep. I will go in and out of his room giving him his dummy and reassuring him hes alright. This can be anything upto 4 hours and then just for some sleep i will just put him in bed next to me.
Now its even worse so to try settling him back down to sleep i will give him some milk.. im not sleeping because all he does is kicks his legs, pulls my hair, rolls onto his front crying. My partner works long hours and doesnt / never has helped with nightime stuff. Cannot tell you how many arguments we have had about it!

I just dont know what to do. Ive tried a few stuff but nothing has helped him. Any tips or advice would be great!!! Thanks 😀

FATEdestiny Fri 22-Sep-17 10:04:31

He needs to go to sleep where he stays asleep. If he goes to slerp sleep in your bed, that's where he needs to stay. If you expect him slerpinh in his cot, that is where he needs to go to sleep in the first place.

This is to do with brief 'environment checks' that happen naturally between sleep cycles. Under normal circumstance that just involved rolling over, maybe briefly opening eyes and straight back to sleep. Imagine you went to bed as normal and in the middle of the night you roll over, briefly open your eyes and realise that instead of being in bed you are now in the back of a car. You would freak out, I would imagine, thinking wtf happened?! You wouldn't just go back to sleep, you'd be wide awake with adrenaline pumping (inhibiting sleep) pretty damn quick.

That is what is hapoening to your child when you move them once already asleep. Going to slerp in the place you stay aslerp is important sleep hygiene.

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