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Moves a lot during 'sleep'.

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Firsttimemum17 Mon 21-Aug-17 04:23:02

My bf 7 week old writhes around a lot after his night time feed. Is this normal?

He has never been great at settling lying flat (will happily sleep on me or partner, but this isn't really practical long term!) & I assumed he just wanted to feel close. But now wondering if it's wind?

Sometimes I hear clicks when he is feeding I've tried to correct latch but so far to no avail. Do some babies do this, or is it definitely 'wrong'?

I wind him during and after feeds and am using infacol. Sometimes something comes, other times we get nothing. Quite often a little bit sick regardless of how much time I've spent sitting him up etc.

I have a next to me and I've read i shouldn't tilt it when it's attached to my bed. Has anyone else done this?

Is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable? Have a feeling if I cracked this he might be able to enjoy sleeping a bit more!

Thank you smile

HT85 Mon 21-Aug-17 05:39:31

Hey firsttimemum! Yes this is normal, baby's squirm and grunt and writh in their sleep. I too was worried about it at first but they're just getting used to their little bodies. Also mine is 6 months and always clicked while feeding, this stopped around 2 months ago I'd say, maybe 3. She always had healthy nappy output so I was never too worried - hope that helps smile

HT85 Mon 21-Aug-17 05:41:17

Oh also the tilting the next to me - I had the bednest and I always tilted that and felt comfortable with it. It definitely made a difference, but she was also in a sleepyhead pod which helped massively.

Firsttimemum17 Mon 21-Aug-17 06:12:44

Thank you smile

HT85 Mon 21-Aug-17 06:27:24

Here you go this is helpful -

highinthesky Mon 21-Aug-17 06:42:05

Yep he's just learning to poo!

I love it when they're still so small. (Lusts after another).

Firsttimemum17 Mon 21-Aug-17 07:16:06

Thanks smile

FATEdestiny Mon 21-Aug-17 08:20:42

But now wondering if it's wind?

It could be wind.
It could be reflux.
It could also be just baby being a normal baby.

I would would certainly make efforts to make my baby more comfortable, if I could. So YY to raising one end of the cot (not too steep mind, because newborns can end up sliding down). And make a concerted effort with winding after feeds and watching feed position (ensuring head is as far above stomach as is comfortable for feeds, and watch for a good latch throughout).

If all that makes no difference, a swaddle can help calm and still flaying about limbs. If you imagine the space baby has been in for the last 9 months, in particular the last couple of months in your womb, baby is used having movement constructed.

The womb was a tight, enclosed and subdued space for baby. The swaddle helps to recreate that. You don't need anything fancy for a swaddle - just a flat cot sheet or giant muslin would do, for a few pounds.

If all of that makes no difference, then it's fair to say baby is just being 'normal' and there is nothing wrong. But at least you'll know you checked.

Firsttimemum17 Mon 21-Aug-17 09:14:10

Thanks for the tips.

arbrighton Mon 21-Aug-17 12:16:11

sounds very like our windy 8 wo ds, also bf

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