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Sleep thrashing!!

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emmabrown123 Fri 18-Aug-17 02:51:23

My nearly 1 year old has always been a rubbish sleeper. But we had got to a point where he was waking 2-3 times a night and I felt that was copable for going back to work.

However last week he's started this bizarre sleep 'thrashing'. After he wakes he sometimes has a breast feed then spends the next couple of hours rolling over, changing position, sitting up, throwing himself back down, trying to climb etc etc etc.

Sometimes he'll pause and look like he's gone back to sleep but generally only lasts a minute then the thrashing restarts. He doesn't look fully awake while he's doing it but if I try to restrain him or physically comfort him in any way he gets radgy and starts crying.

Nothing else has changed, he's happy and chipper in the day. Still napping with no problems.

I'm totally at a loss. I haven't slept in 4 nights, we're going camping tomorrow and I'm back at work in 2 weeks. Please if anyone has any idea why this is happening or has experienced anything similar I would love to hear about it!!!!!

FATEdestiny Fri 18-Aug-17 09:56:31

What are you doing to physically comfort him? It might be too much and is waking him up fully. It sounds more like he is in a light sleep phase and needs help to go back into the deeper, calmer sleep. But to not be woken up fully in that process

Have you tried just laying your hand in him? Out might be enough for sone reassurance without waking him, also calming and restraining his movements to a degree.

I also like to put my head close to babies and stroke face and shush. Again, gentle enough to not wake baby but robust enough to break through into the light sleep phase so baby knows he is being reassured and comforted.

HT85 Fri 18-Aug-17 10:29:09

Is he next to you? As FATE says maybe calming him? Has he just started walking of anything like that? Usually when their bodies are busy in the day their minds become busy at night for a while. Also have you tried playing white noise all night? Might resettle him but also you might not be so disturbed by the thrashing 😂

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