15 month old waking up inconsolable.

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Skywalker51 Sun 01-Nov-20 21:13:35

Mylittlegirl - have very similar at the moment with my DS, 15 months. He’s fine during the day and then inconsolable crying starts around bedtime. He’ll go down for a bit but wakes up crying every hour/30 mins.

I think it’s teething. He’s had 6 teeth for months so the others must be on their way. His gums do look a bit swollen but no actual teeth yet. Calpol and bonjela don’t seem to get anywhere close. Have never seen him cry like this before for such long periods over anything.

He’s also a good sleeper usually. Has missed pm nap last 2 days. And had a temp yesterday. I’ll update if it does turn out to be teeth. Hope your DD settles down and we get some sleep!

Mylittlegirl Sun 01-Nov-20 20:17:56

Hey all,

My DD is now 14 months and not sure if we’re going through Sleep regression or teething but I am currently living off a couple hours sleep a day and would love some advise or suggestions?

She’s fine throughout the day and actually very lucky to have a very good baby but through the night for the last 2 weeks has been really tough. She goes down fine around 6:30/7 but wakes every hour/couple hours just screaming standing in her cot wanting to get out. I bring her either into the living room or our bedroom to calm her and get her back to sleep but worried she’s going to get bad habits and become attached and dependant on me getting her back to sleep. Once she’s asleep and I put her back into her cot she either screams straight away and wakes back up or she’s down for an hour or 2 and we go through it all again.

I give her nurofen and calpol (not together) and teething Gels but nothing seems to be working. I can see her back gums are swollen and inflamed so I do think it’s her teeth but I feel it’s more than that also.

She is usually a really good sleeper and goes down for 11/12 hours a night. I have gone through sleep regression at 6 and 9 months but it was nothing like this and didn’t last this long

Has anyone else gone Or going through this?

Thank you! X

Sparrowlegs248 Thu 20-Jul-17 20:18:11

Ds1 got 4 molars in one week, and was fine during the day apart from a sore bum.

I'd be having her in bed with me tbh. No way would I be up for a whole hour if I could just get her in bed and go back to sleep.

Cashewwnuts Thu 20-Jul-17 19:12:49

FATE I'm definitely not leaving her for extended periods every night and morning. I wrote the OP in a rush I didn't read it through, it does give that impression. What I meant is that we use controlled crying, so I go in straight away, she gets a quick cuddle and back to bed. Then every 10 minutes after that I'll go in and lay her back down, replace dummy etc. At night I'll sometimes offer milk if she's not down within half an hour and if she's really upset then I might try Calpol. But lately she refuses the milk and Calpol does nothing to help. But she's never left more than 10 minutes, she's usually back to sleep within an hour for night wakings.

It's the mornings that I can't handle more than night wakings. She's like a banshee from 5am. But thinking on it today, I part answered my question in thinking about our routine. If she wakes before 6:30, she's left to play quietly in her cot/go back to sleep until then as it's our get up time. But this past week, instead of quietly entertaining herself like before, she's straight to inconsolable. I realised today that it could be in part caused by the fact that we let her watch cbeebies on the iPad for 20 minutes before we get out of bed (yes judge away - I need some time to wake up and it keeps her from climbing on me). I think she's started to associate getting up with that and wants it as soon as she's awake. I'm going to cold turkey the iPad and see if it makes any difference, even a minor one.

I dismissed teething as she still has a few to go (supposedly) before molars and shed be awful all day, not just when it's nighttime.

Accidentally bit of an essay. Oops.

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Timetogrowup2016 Thu 20-Jul-17 11:23:29

Canines and molars I have found to be the worst teeth to cut.

The first lot. Four front top and bottom I never really noticed dd any different to usual.

Molars. Not to bad but bit grizzly
But the canines . Omg the canines dd spent the 5-7 days they cut absolutely distressed and crying lots.
She needed the full dose of both calpol and nurofen for 6 days.
Now it's cut she's calmed down again and is normal .
Different teeth really do affect them differently

FATEdestiny Thu 20-Jul-17 11:14:50

Molars cutting are nothing like when earlier teeth cut. They are significantly more painful to cut. As in one dose of painkiller is not likely to make any difference. Molars cut around this age. So to be so dismissive of teething on the basis of early teething is not helpful.

Given she is better when with you, there is your answer.

Are you literally just leaving her alone to scream for extended periods, every night and morning, every day? There's no wonder she's developed some intense separation anxiety if that's the case. It will be the cause of it.

If you don't want her in your bed, other options are:
- travel cot in your room.
- bring her cot in your room full time (for this phase)
- mattress on the floor of her room for you to sleep on
- comfy chair in her room for you to sit on in the middle of the night to reassure her.

spacefrog35 Thu 20-Jul-17 07:06:24

It might be separation anxiety. My DD is going through a bout of it again at 16 months. I ended up sleeping on the floor of her room for a few hours a night, several nights a week. We seem to be coming out the other end now, been about 6 weeks though hmm


Cashewwnuts Thu 20-Jul-17 06:13:31

I should add that she goes down to sleep at bedtime perfectly. She rarely cries or needs any intervention. Hence why I can't work out if there is any problem.

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Cashewwnuts Thu 20-Jul-17 06:10:28

I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with her. Just can't figure it out at all.

For the past week or so, my DD has been waking every morning (and occasionally in the night) crying inconsolably. She squeals and screams as if she is in pain and sobs so hard she struggles to catch breath.
The only thing that stops her is if I take her in to bed with me (which I'm not prepared to do at 2am. Or even 5am). She usually wakes around 5/5:30 and we've been trying to train her into waking up later through a mix of CD techniques and leaving her alone until it's a more appropriate time.

She isn't in any pain as calpol/Nurofen don't seem to have any effect on these weird tantrums, and she wasn't like this when she got the teeth she has now. I don't believe they are night terrors as she's fully awake when she does this, though curls up in the position she likes to sleep in whilst she's doing it. She isnt hungry or thursty either because she refuses milk or water when it's offered.

Is it separation anxiety? She doesn't cry like this at any other time, but never seems bothered in the day if I'm there or not. Or is it her being frustrated that she's left in her cot until she goes back to sleep/it's an appropriate time to get up?

She seems to go from 0-100 with the crying so fast. It's instantly the awful, sobbing, worked up crying rather than a slow build. I'm at a loss.

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