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martinchloe Tue 11-Jul-17 12:34:39

I have a almost 8 month old. She has been a fantastic napper since she was a baby. Could put her down anywhere and she would nod off. From 6 months she was sleeping 12 hours at night. Beautiful!
The Past month though she will not nap on her own. I have to have my face touching hers and her holding my hair for her to go to sleep. At night time she is waking up crying at 4/5am and wants milk to go back to sleep! I don't understand what's gone so wrong. How can she go from napping on her own to suddenly wanting my face squished against hers?!
Tired mummy needs advice sad

FATEdestiny Tue 11-Jul-17 12:48:40

There's always ups and downs like this in the first year.

I wouldn't worry to much, just go with what she needs. As suddenly as the re-emergence of a night feed starts, it will stop just as suddenly. Likewise the face smushing thing, if that's what she needs now is just go with it.

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