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Please help- nights all over the place

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user1492964816 Tue 27-Jun-17 10:22:03


I'm having issues with my 5 month old- it started probably about 6 weeks ago - not one night is the same. I wanted a bit of advice to see if it's something I'm doing wrong:

He sometimes needs to be securely but gently held in place before he sleeps, most of the time to be fair as can't self Soothe. He generally wakes crying about 9pm and 10pm where we will go give him a dummy and settle him on his side and he will go straight back off, then it's where it gets all over the place- Last night for example he was awake 1.45am to 4.15 am he fed in between (bottle) but that didn't make him drowsy. Night before woke early but slept till 5am, drank but didn't settle till 6.50am. Some nights he'll wake every hour-2 hours but settle reasonably quickly being securely touched.
Naps in the day- he always has his first morning one about 9-9.30 in his cot- he fusses sometimes, sometimes goes off easier. However that length varies from 30 mins to 1.5hr. I always try and get him to have 2 more but they could be in the car, at home, in a pushchair. Sometimes tho the last one is too soon before bed time so we have to skip it. He's super alert so likes being out and about - I don't want to have to stay home to nap everyday. But he is hit and miss out and about with naps. He has always been a poor feeder (breast and bottle) we think he has a mild Intolerenxe of some kind so trying to calorie load him in the day is a losing battle. My questions are these:

1- is it just the sleep regression and I should stick to the basic routine I have for the time being.
2- is it the need to be re settled by us and on his side, causing a sleep association (possibly the dummy too) that's why he wakes?
3- is it his day time naps that cause the issue?
4- is it the fact he's not taking enough milk?

Or is it all the above? Sorry for the long post I'm just exhausted sad oh he's also just learnt to roll back to front and found his feet in the last few weeks. Not sure if that has an impact too.

Appreciate any help

user1492964816 Tue 27-Jun-17 20:42:24

Anyone sad

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