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13 week old sleeping on belly...

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kshaw Mon 26-Jun-17 00:12:59

Aaaargh I'm so stressed out!! Baby is generally brilliant. She loves sleeping on either me or her dad and prefers being on her belly when sleeping on us. I've followed all SIDS advise and not put her down on her belly in cot. I've been trying for 3 hours to get her down. She has been coughing and spitting up lots tonight for some reason, won't put her feet down and crying. Out of curiosity put her down on her belly in cot and within 30 seconds hard asleep (was going to sleep this quick in my arms so obviously tired just waking as soon as put down). I'm now panicking and don't want to leave her on her belly but would like some sleep! I'm just sat watching her! She's strong enough to do a mini press-up and move her head around ....any advise???

kshaw Mon 26-Jun-17 00:13:32

She's 13 weeks today but was 5 weeks early if that makes any difference?

FATEdestiny Mon 26-Jun-17 08:14:55

The Back To Sleep campaign has been the single biggest factor in reducibg the death of babies from SIDS.

In the 25 years since the campaign was launched SIDS deaths have reduced by 85% now that parents know to put babies to sleep on their backs.

There is absolutely no disputing the facts on tummy sleeping - it definitely is dangerous and carries risk.

It's really not unusual that baby sleeps better on their tummy. This was one of the reasons parents used to do it! In fact it is suggested that the fact babies sleep better on their tummies might be a read on why it is dangerous - the arousal levels (how easy it is to wake baby) of a baby sleeping face down are thought to be much lower. So baby's breathing rates can reduce. Then factors involving soft bedding or mattresses, or turning head, can obstruct breathing further.

All that said, some people do let baby sleep on their tummies anyway. It would be a risk too far for me, you need to make your own personal assessment of the risk.

Instead you could look at the reasons baby isn't sleeping well on her back.
- have you tried a swaddle previously?
- have you tried a dummy?
- what about raising on end of the cot?
- will she sleep if safely co sleeping?
- does she need feeding more?
- does she need more daytime sleep?
- would movement help her slerp more?

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