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Bedtime for 12 week old

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paperandpaint Sat 24-Jun-17 15:27:50

Hi everyone, I hope that we're all managing a bit more sleep now the weather is cooler...

My DS is nearly 12 weeks old and I feel he should be starting to have an established bedtime rather then just when we go to bed. Any ideas?

DS is my third so I should know this but I have a 9 year age gap so have completely forgotten!


FATEdestiny Sat 24-Jun-17 20:38:53

SIDS recommendations state that baby should stay with you while sleeping at all times for the first 6 months. This includes the evenings and all naps. So unless you are planning to go to bed yourself with baby, then baby should stay in whatever room you are.

I assume you already knew this, since the guidelines were the same when my nearly 13 year old was a baby.

But there does come a time when baby shows physical signs for being ready for a bedtime. Does baby stay asleep right through the evening? This is the most obvious sign.

I would do a bedtime routine from newborn age. This would be flexible according to naps but basically involved a bath/wash, massage if so inclined and change into night clothes. But after this routine baby would continue the pattern of daytime naps (60 mins awake time, short nap, 60m awake, short nap.... repeated until I go to bed) sleeping in the normal place for daytime naps, which would be in the living room.

Then after a while the 9pm ish wake up gets later, and later, until eventually the point comes when I have to wake baby up to go to bed, as opposed to me going to bed according to whatever time baby wakes in the evening.

Once that time comes, when baby goes down for the normal "nap" after bedtime routine but then just stays asleep and doesn't wake again until past when you go to bed - that's when baby is ready for an early evening bedtime.

One of my children was doing that pretty much from birth, the others were around 4-5 months old. It then becomes a balance with regards to the SIDS recommendation of waiting until 6 months old.

drinkyourmilk Sun 25-Jun-17 01:48:30

My 3 month old (13 weeks ) has boob at 530/45, bath at 615/30 and more boob/ swaddle/song/ in bed then story/ white noise to sleep between 7-8pm depending on how she's doing. She then sleeps 5-6 hours before her next feed. We decided to put her in her bed in our room as opposed to the living room as she was being disturbed by the tv and us talking so ended up screaming the majority of the evening. We aren't terribly comfortable with this due to sids advice but looked at risk factors and she has her own crib, is bf, no loose covers, neither of us smoke and is put to sleep on her back feet to foot with a dummy. I wouldn't recommend own room at this age but feel it works better for us.

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