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How long does your baby sleep?

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Newmum26 Wed 21-Jun-17 21:06:42

What age is your baby and how long at a time do they sleep for?
My DS is 6 weeks old and naps during the day, and goes down in his crib around 9ish but sometimes doesn't settle for an hot or so due to wind etc. Then he only sleeps for 3/4 hours at a time! I know as he gets older he will go longer between feeds so sleep longer I guess but a friend of mine tells me her baby was sleeping through at 6 weeks?! 😱😩 x

lornathewizzard Wed 21-Jun-17 21:12:59

As I was reading this my 10mo started crying blush but has thankfully gone back to sleep I think grin

Some babies sleep through early, some people count sleeping through as going 10-4 for eg, other people say sleeping through apart from getting up for 2 feeds. My point is there are so many variables. 3-4 hrs at 6 weeks is good. It's perfectly normal for kids to wake up through the night much older than that

TheSeaTheSkyTheSeaTheSkyyyyyy Thu 22-Jun-17 02:24:19

Six weeks is tiny! Try not to worry about it. Sleeping for 3/4 hours at a time is great! That means that he only wakes you up a couple of times per night??

Everyone has that one "friend" who says their child slept through at six week. It is certainly not the case for the majority. Our DS is 6 months old and still wakes up multiple times per night. Two feeds usually, plus a few more wakes from gas/rolling over and trapping his arm/just being uncomfortable/dropping his dummy/etc.

LillyBugg Thu 22-Jun-17 05:24:53

DS2 is coming up for four weeks old. I've fed him every hour for the last 12 hours. Maybe that will make you feel better OP smile Honestly 3/4 hours at 6 weeks is so normal and you should be grateful for it! Yes some will sleep through already, but most won't. They are all so very different!

Rockspin Thu 22-Jun-17 05:36:56

5 weeks old, wakes every 2.5 hours round the clock - actually in the heat it's been more like every 2 hours.

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 22-Jun-17 05:58:46

Hate to say it....but my 8 month old and my 2 year old do not sleep through the night, whereas my nephew slept through at 8 weeks old! Every baby is different, and will all get there eventually!
What helped me in the early months was telling myself that night-waking is a natural preventative measure against SIDS, so it was a good thing that they were waking smile

BeeMyBaby Thu 22-Jun-17 06:03:31

My 16mo slept through for the first time yesterday (10.30-6), when he was 6 weeks he woke about every 90 minutes but was never diagnosed with any issues (such as reflux) even though I took him to the gp multiple times thinking it couldn't be right. I guess it was just the way he was, 3-4 hours is very very good for a 6 week old.

troodiedoo Thu 22-Jun-17 06:03:45

As pp said sleeping through means different things to different people. Your sleep habits round very good you're lucky compared to a lot of people. I would expect he starts going a bit longer in the next couple of weeks. But he might not. grin

talulahbelle Thu 22-Jun-17 06:03:53

DS 6 weeks old, last feed done by 10:30, top up feed at 2am, feed/change at 5am. He's now asleep on me and I'm catching up with MN before the day begins.

troodiedoo Thu 22-Jun-17 06:07:08

Oh and my 11 week old goes down at 11 ish then sleeps till about 5. Then has a feed then does another few hours. I don't class that as sleeping through. That would mean going to sleep well before me and me not having to get up in the night.

Dothbutternoparsnips Thu 22-Jun-17 06:45:26

3-4 hours is brilliant. My oldest started sleeping through at 3years. (Still waking up to 20 times a night at 12 months confused) My youngest at about 14 months. Some people get sleepers. Some people don't. You're not doing anything wrong, your friend isn't doing anything right. It's luck of the draw.


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