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if I sellotape the dummy to ds2's face do you think someone will call social services?

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SenoraPostrophe Tue 20-Mar-07 21:24:42

<v tired thunk>

malaleche Tue 20-Mar-07 21:25:26

dont know if you're serious Sra. but could be dangerous?

danceswithaSPRINGinherstep Tue 20-Mar-07 21:25:57

I'd suggest gaffer tape m'self

totaleclipse Tue 20-Mar-07 21:26:33

wrap the tape all the way round the head, no danger of dummy escaping that way

Milliways Tue 20-Mar-07 21:26:56

Sellotape it to the mattress, and tie him face down on top of it?

Toothyboy Tue 20-Mar-07 21:27:13

As long as you tell us if it works and how much sellotape was required, we'll keep it quiet !

simplycontrolfreaky Tue 20-Mar-07 21:27:22

yes. me.

NormaStanleyFletcher Tue 20-Mar-07 21:30:32

DH just came and read over my shoulder, saw two thread titles and said 'ahhhhh... ssllleeeeepppp'.
Clicked on this one and said 'fine idea - I'm sleeping on the sofa '

AitchYouBerk Tue 20-Mar-07 21:32:19

i remember seeing someone on here saying that the cherry ones don't fall out so often. especially if you superglue them to the face.

Waswondering Tue 20-Mar-07 21:33:48

I know of a father who used his bandana to tie the dummy in while his wife was out on one occasion. Baby was next to him on the sofa and they were all happy . . .

pooka Tue 20-Mar-07 21:38:29

Now I have a friend who is the ward sister or similar on a children's ward. She once had a patient (aged under 1) who was very very loud, upset, unwell ( ).
She walked past his bed one evening and did a double take. One of the agency nurses who was there earlier had used the tape they use for bandaging and fixed his dummy in. Friend went ballistic - nurse left.

Have to admit though that with mine, I did look longlingly at a roll of bandage with the same idea.

Hope you get some sleep.

SenoraPostrophe Tue 20-Mar-07 21:38:36

It's not a serious suggestion,no.

I've been trying to get ds2 to sleep without his dummy, and the result so far is his waking up every 12 mins instead of every hour. hence the gap between the first post and this one.

has anyone successfully taught a baby to suck their thumb?

pooka Tue 20-Mar-07 21:39:44

Maybe if you fashioned some kind of sling contraption he could be encouraged to suck his thumb. Or smear said thumb with chocolate spread or jam?

SenoraPostrophe Tue 20-Mar-07 21:40:34

oh pooka. that's just reminded me of the sight of dd in intensive care in a spanish hospital with all 4 limbs tied to the bed because they didn't have any proper toddler cots. think I really am a bit tired and emotional.

SenoraPostrophe Tue 20-Mar-07 21:41:24

ah jam on thumb. that might work.

he does sometimes suck his thumb, but then stops in order to flap. he's a very flappy baby.

Wallace Tue 20-Mar-07 21:41:56

<<<on the phone to social services>>>

When I was trying to get ds2 to use a dummy I wondered if it would be so terrible to suspend it from the ceiling above his cot at just the right height for him to suck. Then at least if it popped out he would be able to find it again...

pooka Tue 20-Mar-07 21:42:52

How horrible. Must point out that my friend is a dedicated and caring nurse who was horrified and also that the baby was fast asleep perfectly happy. Not the point - but no children were harmed in the making of the story.

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 20-Mar-07 21:43:02

loop an elastic band in ech side of the handle then hook them over the ears.

pooka Tue 20-Mar-07 21:44:21

I still leave ds in his cot with dummies strewn like rose-petals about his head in the hope that he's bound to come across one when he wakes. Alas he used to wake up with dummies embedded in his cheeks instead.

malaleche Tue 20-Mar-07 21:46:37

Unfortunately i dont think you can teach a child to suck their thumb...DD1 sucks her finger, DD2 sucks her blanket despite my attempts to encourage finger-sucking, so no doubt she'll still be trailing it about with her years from now, damn.

SenoraPostrophe Tue 20-Mar-07 21:46:53

I should probably say that ds can sleep for up to 3 hours with his dummy in. he is a champion sucker. but usually he wakes every hour and seems to have forgotten how to sleep without it.

it wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't been sleeping through the night in december.

SenoraPostrophe Tue 20-Mar-07 21:51:03

oh no, the dreaded blanket.

a friend of mine's dd used to have a "silky", but she lost it one day when she was at her gran's. the only replacement granny could find was a pair of silky french knickers. needs must sometimes with children.

maybe I should find a blanket for ds. at least it wouldn't require so much manual dexterity to get it back in his gorb.

malaleche Tue 20-Mar-07 21:54:29

im pretty sure you wont be able to make him prefer the blanket, but good luck anyway!
I think DD2 started sucking her blanket out of rage and frustration while i was doing CC with her

BizzyDint Tue 20-Mar-07 21:54:38

i managed to 'teach' dd to suck her thumb. when she was tiny i'd move her fist towards her mouth. read about it in that 'socila baby' book i think. she found her thumb after a while, maybe she'd have done it herself anyway. never tried dummies.

BizzyDint Tue 20-Mar-07 21:55:05

social* baby

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