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16 week old day time sleeping - help!

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flairyfairy Thu 01-Jun-17 21:45:08

Hoping for some help. My baby is a brilliant night time sleeper and goes down with little effort at about 7pm each night, has a dream feed about 11pm and sleeps through until 5.30-6am. Bedtime routine is bath, BF, top up bottle,cuddle to sleep then into his sleepyhead. He wakes a little when I put him down but settles back to sleep, occasionally I have to sooth him a second time before he goes fully to sleep.

The day time is completely different however! He will fall asleep breastfeeding and nap on me, but he usually either wakes up straight away or a max of 20 mins after I've put him into the sleepyhead. Replicating his night time routine (without bottle but with a dummy) doesn't work. He'll nap in the pram or in the car but wakes when we stop moving. I'm trying the EASY routine and trying to get him back to sleep within about 90 mins but it's really hit and miss.

Any advice from the mumsnet gurus greatly appreciated.

Herewegogo Thu 01-Jun-17 21:47:21

Mine is nearly 7 months and still does this so I'll be interested if there are any tips but I am of no use I'm afraid, I'm just used to it at this point to be honest! I found my daughter like 60-70 minutes of awake time between 20 minute naps in the morning and as the day goes on she likes longer stretches of awake time. This hasn't helped me in keeping her asleep however.

FATEdestiny Thu 01-Jun-17 23:37:20

Bouncy chair is great for perpetual movement when at home.

Your night time routines look great, daytime slerp will get there but you often need to give baby some extra help (often in the form of movenent) for daytime naps.

Short naps are normal, but 20 minutes may be too short. I'd be expecting only 30-45 minute naps though, with 60-90 minutes awake time between naps.

flairyfairy Sat 03-Jun-17 13:22:06

Thanks FATE. Have used the bouncy chair for the last two days. He is at least going to sleep now, and staying that way for 20 or so minutes, so that's progress I guess. I will persevere!

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