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Has anyone used a sidecar cot post CS birth?

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RebeccaNoodles Tue 30-May-17 12:22:47

HI everyone ... Bit of a niche query I know but I'd love some advice.
(I posted this on Pregnancy page but then thought maybe better here!)

Have just found out I'll be having a CS at 39 weeks due to breech baby and other issues. One random thing worrying me is that we were planning to use a Chicco Next to me cot which obviously attaches to the bed on my side so I wouldn't be able to get out 'normally'! Was planning to just scootch down to get out, but I think I can't while recovering from CS ... I have had abdominal surgery before and I know that you really do have to roll out of bed for the first few days at least (rather than try and sit up etc).

Possibly definitely overthinking this but I'd love to know if anyone else has encountered this issue and how it worked out for you??

Thanks! smile

FATEdestiny Tue 30-May-17 13:16:39

Ive used a full sized cot sidecar cot with four children - three natural deliveries and the last one an emergency c-section.

It was no issue at all for me. I am very used to getting on my bed from the bottom and climbing up, been doing it for years.

It's difficult to compare though, because the EMCS made no significant difference to my post natal recovery in any aspect. When you are on your fourth child, family life is too busy for any faff, so I just cracked on.

I think if I'd have had the opportunity for a more gentle time post c-section, first baby for example, I would have taken it. But when faced with no alternate, you'll cope fine climbing into bed.

RebeccaNoodles Tue 30-May-17 13:42:15

Thanks FATE - that seems to be the consensus on the other thread, that people managed it no problem. Just wondered if there was an obvious remedy or trick I was missing ...

Thank you! smile

tissuesosoft Tue 30-May-17 13:47:57

I had a c section and used a Chicco next to me, it was amazing!
I would also recommend practising log rolling out of bed as it helps with mobility without straining the incision

CowParsleyNettle Tue 30-May-17 14:03:39

If in doubt have the bed to yourself so you can roll out of the other side.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Tue 30-May-17 15:47:16

I fitted ours right up to the head of the bed and as I recovered I moved it down so it started by my pillow

HerculesParrot Tue 30-May-17 17:50:05

I had a Bednest which is basically the same setup and, almost 9 months on, can't recall having any issues. Can't remember how I managed, but if I'd had any difficulties I think I would!

For non-CS reasons I would recommend the full size cot with side off that Fate recommends. They grow out of the crib things surprisingly quickly and having a proper cot gives you back control about when you move them! (What I'd give to have her still next to me now, rather than in her massive cot bed in her own room!)

drinkyourmilk Tue 30-May-17 23:18:06

I had a cs and use a next2me. I'm afraid for the first 2 weeks I just had to get up to baby as I couldn't get in and out of bed with it attached.
I also couldn't lie down for the first 10 days or so! Slept on a nest of pillows which kept me upright alot of the time. Felt brutal at the time - but in reality was only a couple of weeks and then I felt far better.

seven201 Tue 30-May-17 23:26:28

I had a c-section (also breech) and a co-sleeper cot. Best thing ever as hen you don't have to get in and out of bed a million times a night. Yes getting out takes quite a bit of scoochimg but definitely worth it.

PonderLand Tue 30-May-17 23:47:50

We had the chicco, it was an absolute PITA for me to get the baby. The action of sitting up (enough to reach baby, so like a sit up!) and twisting to get DS was impossible. My DH had to pass him to me. It got easier as time went on of course but yeah, that kind of manoeuvring wasn't pleasant with a screaming baby and leaky boobs on top. The chicco was okay, it was brilliant in that I didn't have to get out of bed to put dummy in, Ewan on, pat tummy etc but I'm not sure if I would get one again, I never slept peacefully until he was detached from the bed.

parmavioletmartini Wed 31-May-17 16:01:22

I had a section and used the Chico next to me.

For the first 2 weeks I had it slightly away from the bed as I found it hard to get in and out. I also found swinging my legs over the edge of the bed much easier than sitting up to pick up the baby.

She then slept in it next to me attached to the bed for 6 months. One of the best things we have bought.

RebeccaNoodles Thu 01-Jun-17 11:23:09

Thanks all. Parma, did you just put the brake on the cot and have all four walls up? I presume you must have, in order for baby not to fall out.

Suspect this is one of those things we will just have to figure out at the time!

RebeccaNoodles Thu 01-Jun-17 11:35:59

@drinkyourmilk sorry you had such a rough time even if it was 'only' a few weeks flowers. Do you mind me asking if your section was an emergency? that seems to be a much tougher recovery.

drinkyourmilk Thu 01-Jun-17 20:21:44

It was the result of a failed induction. When I say brutal- I mean I found my movements very restricted and found it very tough to get out of bed.
Other than that it was fine! I only took painkillers for 4 days posy section and was driving at 3 weeks post section as I felt pretty much back to normal. It was only the getting in and put of bed- hence couldn't have the next2me in place until 2 weeks after the op.

Hope that explains it a bit better.

ChickpeaFarmer Thu 01-Jun-17 23:45:01

I had a planned section and a next2me. It was so good! I didn't find it hard to shuffle down the bed and I loved being able to have dd so close. Would definitely use it again.

Teabagtits Thu 01-Jun-17 23:49:55

I was recommended to have it on my partner's side of the bed for the first few weeks which means he also has to wake to pass the baby over to you for feeding(if bf)... is that cruel?

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