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5 month old naps, at my wits end!

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user1485365454 Tue 30-May-17 08:58:22

My baby boy has never napped well but it appears to be getting worse. I used to rock him to sleep which was still a battle but then he'd sleep well on me. Its too hot for both of us now to be rocking him all the time so have been putting him in his pushchair for naps which was working well but he seems to have wised up to me trying to get him to sleep! I watch for his cues and get him in as soon as he seems tired but he screams and fights everytime, I'm exhausted! Feel like I'm not doing the best for him. Any advice would be amazing as I know his sleep is so important. He doesn't sleep well at night either, wakes every 2-3 hours still!

FATEdestiny Tue 30-May-17 09:14:09

If you want baby sleeping independantly (ie not in your arms/cuddled up to you), it is reasonable to expect baby to need external help to fall asleep.

Primarily that will involve
- sucking
- movement

A dummy is great for comfort sucking, instead of the breast. Then you need to find a way to offer perpetual movement. I'd recommend a bouncy chair. Sit yourself on the sofa and be relentless about foot bouncing and dummy reinserts.

Also watch baby's awake time. Aim for no longer than 90 minutes. Regardless of tired signs, once it gets to 90 minutes since waking get baby back to sleep. Earlier than that if baby is tired, but don't go any longer than 90m awake.

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