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Sleeping arrangements

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Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 08:05:59

My daughter is 10 weeks old and weighing 12 pounds, she's also very long! Her last measurement she was 57cm. I don't think she will be able to sleep much longer in a Moses basket as she likes to stretch out. I'm worried about putting her in the cot in her own room because I don't want her sleeping on her own yet I'm worried she's too young (the cot is far too big to move into our room) what would people recommend?

NapQueen Mon 29-May-17 08:06:59

Travel cot in your room?

Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 08:10:13

Hi smile I thought about this but wasn't sure if a travel cot could be used long term? Ideally I want to sleep in the same room till she's 6 months so wasn't sure if that would be ok to use x

RedBeanie Mon 29-May-17 08:11:45

Is there space in her room to fit a small bed? Or on the floor?

FlipperSkipper Mon 29-May-17 08:12:17

Ikea do a cheap-ish small cot, might be worth a look to see if it will fit in your room. Or a travel cot as previously suggested.

Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 08:15:17

I could probably get a sofa chair in the nursery which crossed my mind but it would mean 4 months of a very uncomfortable sleep for me!! What sort of ages did your little ones sleep in their own room alone? Not sure if I'm just worrying too much!

dementedpixie Mon 29-May-17 08:17:58

We managed to fit the cot along the bottom of our bed.

DoubleCarrick Mon 29-May-17 08:18:07

We use a crib for ds. Not sure if it'll be big enough for you? I wouldn't want ds in his own room till six months either

dementedpixie Mon 29-May-17 08:19:16

Neither of mine went in their own room until 8 months. I wanted them to stay with us until 6 months as per SIDS guidelines

GreenRut Mon 29-May-17 08:19:18

Yes we did a travel cot in this situation. We bought a high end one and if I recall correctly we bought a proper mattress for it so it was fine, just the same level of comfort for them.

ElspethFlashman Mon 29-May-17 08:19:23

Use the travel cot. Especially if it has a bassinet level. I bought a cheap space saver cot (and ended up using it for quite a while) but my SIL used a travel cot and it was great.

readyforno2 Mon 29-May-17 08:26:08

When we had ds1 our cottage was too small for a real cot.
He slept in the travel cot till he moved into a bed. One of the ones a pp suggested with a bassinet. We bought a really good mattress for it though, it was handy whenever we went away as he was still in his own 'bed' if that makes sense.

Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 08:28:26

Thanks everyone I'll probably go with the travel cot idea with a proper mattress! Only thing is where she can go for her naps (we have a three story house so lugging things up and down is no good!)

dementedpixie Mon 29-May-17 08:33:02

We used the carry cot bit of the pram and then the reclined bit of the buggy for downstairs sleeping

Newtothis11 Mon 29-May-17 08:53:52

Can you move things out of your room to make space? A chest of drawers for example may give you enough room??

Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 09:37:32

Unfortunately not, our rooms are very small and it would be extremely cramped as the cot is huge!

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Mon 29-May-17 09:41:12

We had this problem with ds. We bought a half size cot off eBay for £15. Proper cot but small. Ds is 15 months and still very happy in his.

FATEdestiny Mon 29-May-17 09:42:33


Do you have furniture in your room aside from the bed?

Chest of drawers?
Dressing table?
Bedside tables?

Any/all of these can be moved out of your room and into the nursery, until baby is over 6 months and ready for own room.

TittyGolightly Mon 29-May-17 09:44:21

Can't she nap in her pram?

My daughter was 55cm born. We never had a Moses basket but she slept either on me, beside me in bed or in her hammock for the first 8 months. She napped in her pram.

Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 10:07:11

Our spare room only fits a bed and fitted wardrobe, there's only room for the Moses basket in there and our master bedroom is an attic room, there's no way we'd get the cot up there unfortunately!

Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 10:08:38

Yeah that's a good a idea we normally just keep the pram in the car for space reasons but could bring the carry cot part in, although it won't be long till she's outgrown that as well!

FATEdestiny Mon 29-May-17 11:00:55

our master bedroom is an attic room, there's no way we'd get the cot up there

Most cots are flat packed.

We have a master bedroom that is awkward to get furnature into. It means furniture has to be built in the room.

The cot was put together in out room and to get it into nursery when older, was taken down, moved, rebuilt in the nursery. It's really not that inconvenient to do this.

Megankate2112 Mon 29-May-17 11:43:09

I was more looking for advise on alternate sleeping places for her as I'm afraid there's just no room in our spare rooms for her cot to be moved! Also we sleep in the spare room atm as it gets extremely hot in the master (attic) room x

Newtothis11 Mon 29-May-17 12:19:44

Would you have room for a next to me? They fold up. Our DS is tall and he's 4months we've just moved him into his big cot- but there's still room in the next to me.

Chicco also do a travel version that still has the good mattress.

FATEdestiny Mon 29-May-17 12:45:18

Thanks everyone I'll probably go with the travel cot idea with a proper mattress! Only thing is where she can go for her naps (we have a three story house so lugging things up and down is no good!)

This will probably be your answer then.

The problem will be lowering baby into the travel cot and/or bending low down into the cot to settle baby. I wonder if this is your first child? Because experience would tell me this is totally unworkable.

The benefit of a proper cot is that you can make the mattress height higher, so no lowering baby right down to the bottom. If you can fit a tracel cot, then a space-saver cot (I think Ikea do one) would be better.

Daytime naps are better in something that moves until about 6 months ish, when naps extend. So your best bets for daytime naps will be:
- bouncy chair
- pram
- pushchair
- sling
- rocker
- swing

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