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Help post holiday sleep nightmare!

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Piranha85 Sat 27-May-17 20:48:25

My 13 month old had an amazing routine that work perfectly for a 11hr nights sleep most nights prior to us going on holiday. But since we've got back she will not go to bed, she screams and I mean screams blue murder hysterically constantly. I keep popping in and out to show her I'm still there, but she won't calm down. My husband in the end just went and picked her up and brought her down as he couldn't cope with her cries anymore, that sets a precedent then though which also worries me. I feel really stuck! I don't want to end up co-sleeping again as I had a nightmare getting her in her own bed anyway for long enough. She's had her routine since 6 months when I finally could get her out my bed, and now it's all gone backwards. Can anyone offer advice please? confused

Piranha85 Sat 27-May-17 20:51:21

She's got used to being back sleeping in our room on holiday and that's it now sad

FATEdestiny Sat 27-May-17 21:39:43

You're probably over thinking it. The odd night here and there when you just give up on bedtime and try again later is not going to cause any great problem.

At bedtime, the 'popping in and out' while she's screaming is probably making things worse, imo. This is an age for separation anxiety. So I would stay with her at bedtime, until asleep. Give her all the reassurance (in her cot) that she needs right until she is fully aslerp. Then gradually reduce her dependant on your presence.

For example maybe you start offending over the cot, hand on her and reassuring her you are there for her right through until she's asleep

Then start bending into the cot if distressed, standing next to the cot when calm. Go back when distressed, eithd4aw when calm. Stay until asleep.

Then a step away from the cot. Then by the door. You get the idea.

Controlled Crying (popping in and out) doesn't suit many some children.

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