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13 month old wakes in night and up for day at 5

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solomonrulesok Thu 25-May-17 07:38:00

I've posted before but unfortunately been so tired and disorganised I can't find the thread! Ha!
Ok I have a 13 month old. He generally has two naps in the day one in am and one around 1. They do vary which one is the longer nap though. Also he sometimes doesn't have the first nap as I've also got a toddler and often out so ds2 just has to come too. He will self settle for naps.
He goes to bed around 6:30 to have bath, milk, bed. No probs initially. Usually conks straight out by himself. No rocking etc.
But then he generally will wake any time from 1am to 3am. He's sometimes lost his dummy though interestingly he sometimes hasn't. He's usually sat up holding it and crying. To get him back to sleep takes about an hour. We've stopped giving him milk but now either have to just hold him or take him in bed. If I try shush pat he goes mental. We also tried leaving him a bit longer one night. He sounded like he was settling back - doing that cycle thing where the cries get less and stop for a bit but we broke after half hour and just picked him up.
He also wakes up at around 5-5:30am for the day but then gets grumpy around 7am and has to go back for a short nap. Argh.
Any advice please? My husband and I are taking it in turns and are both very zombiefied. We're both back at work.
DS2 goes to a childminder 4x week but has been going for a few months now. He sleeps ok there - two naps.
We thought it might be as he's just learnt how to stand and now is trying to take some steps, though his sleep has been like this on and off (we do have some occasional nights when he sleeps through till 5am straight) since around 9.5 months. We had a stretch from 8-9.5 months where he was sleeping.
Could be teeth I guess? He is dribbling like anything. I've tried calpol, teetha and bonjela before bed but they don't seem to make any difference.
Thanks for reading this mammoth post and for any help.

GingerAndPrickles Thu 25-May-17 07:49:40

You could think about permanently dropping to one nap in the day, just keep the lunchtime one. I think it's pretty standard to just do one around that age, my DD's nursery would definitely accommodate children still on two naps at that age but as far as I remember most kids in the room were just on one. You might have to make the 'lunchtime' nap quite early for a while though (e.g. 11:30) to get him to it.
My DD is older now and in the process of dropping her naps entirely - and we definitely get night waking on the days she falls asleep in the daytime for anything longer than a catnap, so that could definitely be your issue too.

skyzumarubble Thu 25-May-17 07:56:49

When this happened with mine it was time to go to one nap a day. Didn't help the 5 am wake up though but at least slept through.

mollyfolk Sat 27-May-17 22:22:37

This happened to my DD and dropping to one nap sorted it. She still woke at 5am but came into us and went straight back asleep again. Which I didn't mind at all. She is 3 now and still comes in around 6am but is well trained to do so quietly and not wake us up!

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