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RachSt12 Tue 23-May-17 08:18:58

Since coming back from holiday my son has become the worse sleeper. We tried to do self soothe but it's gone completely the other way.
We could him to bed at 9, late I know, he would wake at 2am for milk and sleep until 7. Now we are lucky to get two solid hours sleep before he wakes crying. He won't be put down and cries and cries. He's learnt how to roll and often gets stuck which upsets him more.
Help ☹️

FATEdestiny Tue 23-May-17 13:13:40

How old is he? I'm assuming under 6 months old?

Your joliday is a red getting, that won't be the cause of his sleep changing.

What ways are you helping your baby get to sleep? Some tried and tested ways that help babies sleep are:

- something to suck (dummy or feed to sleep)
- movement (bouncy chair, pram, rocking in your arms)
- Secure feeling (being held, co sleeping, cuddling close, swaddling, sleepyhead)
- full tummy and plenty of calories over 24 hours
- frequent naps with limited awake time over 24 hours.

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