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10 week old trouble sleeping!!!

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charlie13032017 Fri 19-May-17 18:48:57

Hello, my 10 week old usually sleeps very well at night, goes to sleep around 9/9:30, wakes up around 2/2:30 then wakes up for the morning at 7/7:30.
BUT... since having his jabs done 3 days ago, he's waking up every 45 minutes at night.
He seems to be sleeping weird during the day too, he had two 45 minute naps, one 2 hour nap and now currently napping and has been for 45 minutes.
Has the jabs done this? Or do their sleep patterns change?

He's also got a stuffy nose, so I'm not sure whether that's a problem?
Does he have a cold or can this be a symptom from the jabs 3 days ago?

Someone please give me some advice/suggestions. Just these past 3 nights have knackered me out haha!

Cel982 Fri 19-May-17 18:51:35

It could be either thing, to be honest - at this very young age a baby's sleep patterns change all the time, the efforts to analyse and 'fix' it can drive you mad confused

Do you co-sleep? Only way I stayed sane through the non-sleeping years months.

charlie13032017 Fri 19-May-17 19:00:20

He has been quite grumpy too from the jabs to be honest.
I was just double checking that it's just his pattern changing instead of me doing something wrong.
I don't like to wake him that's why when he naps, I just let him nap.
He sleeps next to me in his Moses basket, I can only put him down when he's in a deep sleep too. If not, he'll start screaming. Yet, even that's very unusual for him

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