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18 month old can climb out of cot is it time for a bed???

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Presleyx Mon 15-May-17 15:04:24

My 18 month old surprised me this morning by climbing out of he's cot shock I really don't want to do the transition into a bed just yet he's one of them toddlers that's always on the go and up to stuff. My eldest was so chilled they say you don't get two the same lol! I read online using a sleeping bag can stop this? What do you guys think? I was wondering if it could make things more dangerous if he climbed out with it on or won't he be able to? Shall I just do the transition to a bed? He had a sleeping bag up untill a few months ago anyway so he's used to them. At the moment he's fascination is plugs and switching them on and off this scares the hell out of me I've baby proofed the house and have hem baby plug things but I just worry. I'm sure I'm gonna go grey soon lol! Anyway guys any ideas how to keep him in the cot for a little longer? X

FATEdestiny Mon 15-May-17 16:07:48

I've kept mine in sleeping bags (and a cot) until past 3 years old.

Also, the fact he can cl8mb out is not reason to stop using a cot before he's ready. It's a behaviour issue. You simply have to teach him not to climb out his cot. In exactly the same way most toddlers physically can run across a road, but you teach them not to because it's dangerous.

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