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8month old refuses cot & wakes least 10x anight

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Babymumma17 Mon 15-May-17 06:09:25

I'm at my wits end and writing this through tired weepy eyes! First time I've ever written on a forum so any advice is greatly received ! Lots of info so will try keep straight to point.

DD was always great sleeper and just 'location' of sleeping was the issue i.e. On me! But would early on go 5/6hrs straight, eventually
Got her into next to me and then sleep was good. Then worked on putting down awake and she nailed that. Then come 6 months I put her in own room and shit hit the fan! Of course first week we did that she started teething and got bottom 2 teeth!! But then once they weee through we thought she would be ok but no. Got progressively worse and after 4 weeks of being up several times a night (only feeding 1x at this point) I gave in and brought her into bed with me - sleeps like an angel there. But she's a big baby and we have no room in bed and I never sleep that deeply when she's there but better than getting up.

We've tried now putting her back in cot and it's a nightmare. Will happily nap in the cot and play in it but come nighttime it's like a switch and she will scream if she sees it. If I put her down asleep she wakes as soon as she touches the bed and sits bolt upright and tries to get out. Also it's like she has an attachment to me alone as anyone else picks her up she screams, I pick her up and she immediately stops and even then smiles at my husband or her grandparents if they've tried (whilst we weee on hols with them).

Trying to break her attachment to me and have everyone else settle her which seems to
Be working but she still refuses the cot. So she's getting used to being soothed by others but not the cot!! I don't mind co sleeping when baby ill but I have to go back to work soon and miss my own space and time for just me and hubby.

She eats so well during day and is BF but weaning her and she's taken to that really well. During day she's happiest little girl ever, everyone comments on it and she naps ok (about 2hrs a day over 2 naps). I think she could do with more but she's never grumpy. If anything I think she may be very hyperactive as seems to always be wired and to get her to nap I have to restrain her and then she falls asleep almost instantly.

Sorry lots of random info! Any help/advice ? .

Theducksarenotmyfriends Mon 15-May-17 07:35:45

All babies are different but I find that when my dd is wired it's actually a sign of tiredness. You say she's like this but then falls sleep straight away in your arms so perhaps she does need more naps? 2 hours a day doesn't sound enough (I'm not sure tho, my dd is only 5 months but definitely needs more naps than that!).

Would the cot fit in your room? I co sleep too but totally understand how tiring it can be. Maybe a gradual withdraw with your dd would help? As in have the cot in your room, or sleep in her room so that you're physically close and slowly move further away over a few weeks/months.

FATEdestiny Mon 15-May-17 10:43:47

I would bring the full sized cot into your room, next to your bed.

Remove a chest of drawers (or whatever) out of your room to make space, if needed.

TooMinty Mon 15-May-17 10:58:16

I agree with PP, when mine are "wired" it means they are over tired. I think they both napped for about 3 or 4 hours a day at that age (10am and 2pm).
If you can't fit the cot in your room, then could you try a camp bed or mattress in her room, then gradually move it further away from her cot til you're back in your own room? Plus introduce something else for her to cuddle - a square of cellular blanket with silk ribbon edging plus an IKEA panda worked for us!

QueenRefusenik Mon 15-May-17 11:04:26

Yes, as others have said try cot next to bed, or mattress next to cot in DD's room. Can you take one side off to safely convert it to a co-sleeper? Then gradual withdrawal with a dummy/lovey. If she can go down awake already at her age you're doing great, hang in there!

Babymumma17 Mon 15-May-17 12:16:40

Thanks all! She used to have 3 naps but she dropped it and as such we moved her bedtime a bit earlier to compensate. Generally she goes 6.30am wake ton6.30pm bed time with a nap at 9 and 130.

On average I'd say 2 hours a day but sometimes she'll sleep 2 hours just morning nap. There are definitely times when I think she goes a. It hyper as overtired but when I say wired it's literally all day. Busy hands and always looking for something else. It just seems like her personality as it's very cute and have to say her dad is very hyper too! So just feels like she doesn't know how to switch off as she's too nosey and busy! When I hold her still it's like she then realised oh yeah I'm tired so will often go straight to sleep (during day) but nighttime v different

I guess any tips of sled soothing other than CIO? It's worked so well for friends but I worry she won't take to it as she never seems
To get that answer to her problems is just to close eyes!

Thanks so much for ideas so far! Am
Going to get hubby to see if he can fit cot in next to me and get her used to it like that

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