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Baby bedtime

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voobylooby Thu 11-May-17 21:13:24

My little girl is coming up for 11 weeks old. She is an excellent night sleeper but not as good during the day.
By 8 or 9 pm she is usually at the point where she won't really settle unless in pjs and in a quiet dark room so we generally all go up to bed.
Often we are also tired at this stage, but sometimes we'd like to stay up and spend some time together!
Because she won't go down in her Moses basket that's not an option and she usually sleeps in sleepyhead in crib.
Basically I'm considering starting to put her upstairs for a couple of hours sometimes on her own with a monitor, but is she too young for this? What do/did you do?

FATEdestiny Thu 11-May-17 21:48:49

11 weeks really is too young. The risk of SIDS is greatest anyway under 6 months, which is the reason for the guidance for baby to sleep wherever you are. But in particular 2-4 months old is the peak age for SIDS deaths.

Can you not just keep your daytime routine going until you go to bed? At 3 months for mine that would be a simple repeating cycle of events:

- wake
- feed
- 1h awake time
- sleep

Repeat over and over again from first waking in the morning until I go to bed. Then just time my bedtime with any sleep time that falls within a time I'm happy to go to bed.

voobylooby Fri 12-May-17 04:25:01

That was my gut reaction too, which I suppose is why I asked... sometimes I wonder if I'm being overly neurotic . She does settle at night downstairs eventually, so we'll just carry on smile

DoubleCarrick Fri 12-May-17 05:22:27

We've personally chosen to keep ds down with us but sometimes put him up for five minutes to tidy up before bed. I do have friends, however, that put their babies up at seven because that's the time they settle. The babies have been fine but I can't help thinking if something were to happen, however unlikely, you'd never forgive yourself

DoubleCarrick Fri 12-May-17 05:23:14

Ps my four month old didn't settle until 11.30 last night

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