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5yo scared at bedtime?

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yaela123 Sun 30-Apr-17 11:01:59

This is a very new thing

DD has always slept well unlike her siblings. She shares a room with her twin sis and their older sis who is 7.

The kids very rarely come into our room, only if they're ill yay! or had a bad dream.

DD did so last Tuesday about 3 am, stating a bad dream, so we let her have a snuggle with us.

Was fine the next night.

Came in again on Thurs.

Was especially cuddly and a bit tearful on Thurs eve before going to bed but slept fine.

Came in on both Sat and Sun as well as tears before bed

This is very strange for her, she normally goes to sleep fine and sleeps through and has done so for years.

It is already affecting us during the day as all 3 of us are losing sleep. I'm starting to remember the nightmare of newborns!

I shouldn't have let her in the last couple of nights, but that's so much easier to say the next morning that at 1 am.

Also, I don't want to have her wake up her siblings.

So 2 questions:

Why could this be? I'm worried there a specific reason she has suddenly started sleeping badly, but nothing especially out of the ordinary has happened recently as far as I know.

How can we try and put a stop to it? It's just not doable every night when we have various school/work/etc. Also if her siblings find out (they seem fairly unaware so far) they will all try and climb in (well maybe not the 16yo!) and we definitely can't fit 6 kids in a normal double bed!

Please help! TIA

FATEdestiny Sun 30-Apr-17 13:38:49

A night light or lamp by her bed may help, if she's waking scared of the dark.

yaela123 Sun 30-Apr-17 14:35:50

That's an idea

They have the hall light on outside, with the door open but we turn it off when we go to sleep.

Why would it only be this past week though?

thethoughtfox Sun 30-Apr-17 14:51:47

Ask her. Might be something in a film or a fall out with a friend or something that happened ages ago playing on her mind.

yaela123 Sun 30-Apr-17 17:12:39

I did ask last night but nothing came up. I'll try and have another chat when she gets home tonight.

Thanks for the suggestions

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