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Gradual retreat - any experiences?

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boopdoop Sun 30-Apr-17 08:57:54

My DS (3.2 years) had always been s rubbish sleeper, has only ever slept through 6 times ever. We cosleep to survive the night (just done a separate post about stopping that).

He usually goes to bed ok, but needs one of us to sit with him for a few mins whilst he falls asleep. Whilst I totally don't mind doing that, I wonder if that's then not helping him in the night as he wakes and we aren't there, and if we could get him to fall asleep without us sitting by his bed, I wonder if he might resetttle better in the night if he stirs.

So we are starting to try to do gradual retreat. Only just started in... wondered if anyone could share their experience, or tips, how long it took etc etc. Guess I'm looking for some hope that this might work and improve his sleep!!

FATEdestiny Sun 30-Apr-17 09:57:18

I don't have experience of gradual withdrawal at that age, we did it in the baby stage. But the principles will be the same.

We used the basis that we consistantly made tiny changes towards independant sleeping, but at a pace slow enough not to create any distress.

With out any crying or upset at all, we started at newborn newbies and it took until 12 months to be able to put in cot, say nanight and leave.

I don't tolerate any grumbling, shouting, crying, upset and so on. So I took things very slowly and there was lots of times of '2 steps forward one step back' when she needed me more.

With more crying, you can go through the steps quicker even with the most neediest of children. I'm not sure how age, and I assume the fact your child is in a bed rather than a cot, will affect the timings.

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