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Sleeping (naps) in the same room

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Nottalotta Sat 29-Apr-17 17:22:23

With ds1 this happened all the time as he wouldn't nap unless on me or in pram or car.

Ds2 is altogether different. This morning, I put him in his sleepyhead and he fell asleep. Yey. I then washed my hair, put makeup on (same room) packed some bags in my room and ds1 room. Basically I was flitting from my room where he was, to the other room and bathroom and back. It occurred to me that he was not in the same room...... I also took sone things downstairs.

How rigid are you about this 'rule'? I had the radio on and wasn't tip toeing around if that makes a difference.

fruityb Sat 29-Apr-17 17:25:12

I did when he was teeny but I was leaving him for naps wherever he slept before he was six months old. He used to fall asleep on our bed in a morning while I was getting dressed so I used to leave him there. He had the monitor camera on him but I left him. This was before he could roll. I used to leave him in his baby gym when I nipped upstairs and did bits.

Ds is now 8 months old and naps when he wants to (which can be anything from twenty minutes to two hours at the moment!!) I was never really strict about it unless I wanted a shower or something in which case he went in his Moses basket for a couple of minutes.

FATEdestiny Sat 29-Apr-17 18:17:00

SIDS risk can never be zero, no matter what you do.

But it's indisputable that room sharing does lower the chances of baby dying from SIDS. Lots of other things lower the risk and other things increase the risk.

Many people know the risks and choose to ignore aspects of the recommendations wholly or partly. It's a very personal thing that uou need to justify within yourself. Just seeing that other people do this, that, the other shouldn't be relevant to your decision. Because one persons views on risk management will be very different to other people's.

For example I coslept (occassionally, not all the time) though a time when both me and DH were smokers. I knew that was a risk. I was informed. I chose that occassional cosleeping even though I smoked was a risk I chose to take. Within my mind I was weighing how I would feel if the worst happened against the hardship of coping with the horrendous nights that required cosleeping.

To make an informed decision, you need to do similar.

I would be lying if i said I was in the same room as all of my children at all times they slept for the first 6 months. But that's my personal view on risk management. Yours may be the same. It might be different.

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