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Sleep resisting power napper

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chloechloe Wed 26-Apr-17 14:32:08

For those of you with babies who power nap and / or resist sleep, how do you manage?

DD2 is 4.5 months and only naps for 30 min at a time, except first thing in the morning where she may sleep for up to 2 hours in the sling. I've learnt from DD1 who was the same that there's no point trying to extend naps at this stage as it's just developmental. But it's so tiring! I'm having to put her back to sleep every 1.5 hours so 5-7 times a day! And as soon as she realises I'm trying to get her to sleep (usually in the sling if at home) she starts screaming, it's so upsetting.

I feel like I spend my whole life getting her to go to sleep! Any tips to get her to sleep without the tears?

FATEdestiny Wed 26-Apr-17 22:07:54

Any tips to get her to sleep without the tears?

Dummy and relentless bouncing in a bouncy chair is my at-home saviour for daytime napping.

Georgiemai7 Wed 26-Apr-17 22:49:42

My daughter never used to nap hardly (maybe 10 mins at a time) and has slept through the night since 2 months,

She now sleeps in the day but only for 45mins to an hour, probably about 4 times a day before she goes down for the night at 10pm. She wakes up in the morning about 8:30am. She is 5 months old.

The only way she will nap is if it's on me to start with, with her blanket cushed up to her face and her dummy, then I'll edge her into her Pram (downstairs) on her side. She also had to have some background noise on like the tv or radio.

I count my blessings to get a good night sleep! smile

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