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9 month sleep- drop night feeds?? Waking from habit...

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user1493212170 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:24:33

Hi all
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

My little boy is breastfed and his sleep seems to be getting worse!!

Used to wake twice a night, but now it's gone back to 3 times (bed at 7pm, up 10pm, 1am, 4am then 6.30/7am up for the day).

So basically every 3 hours. Had been feeding him each time and making sure to put him back awake, which was working so was happy to go with it (we were all getting more sleep that way!) but now he struggles to go back to sleep after.

So I don;t think the issue is hunger. More mummy comfort, although he'll cry until I feed him (won't accept mummy cuddles/dad/bottle/dummy etc)

Am currently trying to decrease feed by 1 minute every few nights to wean but am not hopeful as almost certain it's not hunger causing the issue.

Goes to sleep for naps and bedtime on his own after lullaby with me. Does have a dummy but he spits it out and chats to himself for 5 mins before going to sleep without it.

Dummy is attached to a lovely which he can find and can reinsert himself but at night he is not interested- just wants boob!

Also trying to crawl. Cranky is the day as just getting frustrated with himself now. When he wakes at night he rolls on to his front to practise his 'crawling' and then won't roll back (even though he can in the day!!!)

Feel like we've tried everything! (Teething meds too)

Has anyone been there and have advice or else just a 'it will pass' story!??

Thanks so much

user1493212170 Fri 28-Apr-17 09:07:18

Anyone, please? At my wits end!

Thank you!

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