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4month old - self settling for naps possible?

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Babydreaming Mon 24-Apr-17 07:42:28


I have a 4 month old who catnaps 4-5 times a day for 30 mins. I don't have a problem with the catnapping but each time I have to bounce him to sleep in a dark room with white noise. He then sleeps in his cot (I put him down sleepy but not fully asleep)

Problem is I spend a large chunk of my day rocking him to Sleep and would like to be able to just put him down in his cot and let him fall asleep by himself. He likes to sleep on his tummy and if I put him down when he's awake he will think it's tummy time and tries to get up and crawl!

Is there any way of moving to self settling for naps?

FATEdestiny Mon 24-Apr-17 09:22:46

How does he go to sleep at bedtime and for night wakes?

Also, what do you mean by bouncing? Is it like rocking in your arms, or in a bouncer?

Babydreaming Mon 24-Apr-17 10:13:42

At bedttime I mansge to just feed and then cuddle and he falls asleep in my arms sucking on dummy. During the night he stays half asleep during feeds with his eyes shut so I just put him back down in cot once he's had enough!

For nap times I rock in my arms with dummy

Babydreaming Mon 24-Apr-17 10:14:24

Maybe I'm asking too much of him!

FATEdestiny Mon 24-Apr-17 11:26:09

With a dummy for independant settling, you should be able to put baby in the cot to go to sleep, rather than transferring once asleep.

How about sitting/lying on your bed next to the cot, but baby in and out your hand on baby's chest quite firmly, so he can feel your reassuring presence.

I would certainly be doing this at night time and bedtime, rather than rocking to sleep.

Daytime naps, in alk I'm honest i wouldn't start on in-cot naps until nap length has got longer. Once naps are consistently around 90 minutes or so, I would replicate what happens at bedtime for naps (as described above).

But while naps are still short, I would keep naps in something that allows for movement so that you can lengthen baby's nap more easily. I favour the bouncy chair for naps at this age, but pushchair/pram would work too. It means you can rock/bounce baby back to sleep in order to establish longer naps as part of the daily routine.

FATEdestiny Mon 24-Apr-17 11:27:34

"but" and "out" both should have said "put".

Autocorrect on my phone being over zealous.

kel1493 Tue 25-Apr-17 21:53:49

My lo has always self settled. When he was very small he'd fall asleep while having his bottle, so he'd be put straight in his crib.
When he got older and stopped doing that. We always went by the 10 minute rule to sleep. We'd put him down and leave him for up to 10 minutes. Usually within this time, he'd fall asleep by himself. He may cry a bit or moan, but he's settle. If he didn't we went back up to him.
He never ever had any comforter as didn't want him to, and I hate dummies so wits never ever give my child one.
We always has the video monitor as well.
I know most will say we were wrong, but my mum did the same with the 3 of us and we are all fine. I will do the same when I have baby number 2 as well.

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