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Going back to sleep after feeding

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Goldiloz Sun 23-Apr-17 07:58:35

My son struggles to go to sleep at 7ish but then is fine until 10:30 feed (bottle) and happily sleeps till 4ish. I then breastfeed at 4 but he will not go back to sleep after this feed unless he is cuddled and held the whole time. You just cannot put him down. He doesn't seem to be tired at this time.
It is absolutely breaking me!! I have cried this morning cos I am so very tired.
He is 12 weeks btw.
Any suggestions?

FATEdestiny Sun 23-Apr-17 10:15:15

It is not usual for babies to have a period of light sleeping in the early mornings.

Many parents cope with this by bringing baby into their bed and co sleeping, if you at happy to cosleep safely.

I wasn't happy with co sleeping regularly, so I set up our big cot as a sidecar cot. Just taking one side off the cot and wedging it up to your bed gives a big space to cuddle in with baby.

If you have swaddled before, I find this helps to calm baby when light sleeping. A dummy also helps if you have baby within arms reach, you may need to hold it in for a tiny baby.

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