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22 month old never sleeps and wont leave my side 😢

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DaisyDay2 Thu 20-Apr-17 11:32:50

My 22 month is still breastfeeding at night is in our bed and wont sleep anywhere else! And i use sleep VERY loosely 😣 she has slept through once since shes been born and im really struggling now 😫 ive tried bottles and cups ect with cows milk , expressed milk and formal but she just screeches, its like something from a horror film. Even if my hubby tries to take her away or i leave the room leaving them together she just looses it! Shes waking my other kids and god knows what our neighbours think. I know if i went cold turkey with the feeding i could get her off, same with sleep training, i know i can do it within a month. It took 2 weeks each with my other two. But the screeching is too much! I dont know what to do. Its not as if shes actually sleeping through the night either, shes constantly waking to feed or climb roll jump all over me. Its relentless. Please tell me im not the only one whos struggling 😢😢

FATEdestiny Thu 20-Apr-17 13:11:30

Given she is nearly 2 and has been attachment parented in all that time, your options are:

- embrace it. Sling, toddler carrier, cosleeping, plenty of boob access
- deal with the screaming, wean and sleep train.
- do some form of gentle, slow paced encouragement. It will take a long time and a lot of patience.

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