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Twins sleep - 5 months

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Landy10 Thu 20-Apr-17 04:55:42

Hello everyone
I'm hoping some folks can share experiences of twins sleeping. I literally feel like I may never sleep again. Up until around 4-4.5 months they woke for feeding and then went back to sleep but now they wake up and I cannot get them back to sleep.
My daughter is a lot better and usually only wakes once or twice a night and I can have her back to sleep within 30 minutes. My son has the odd good night where he might wake 5/6 times and go back to sleep within 10 mins of waking each time. However many nights he will be awake for 2 hours at a time. Tonight it's been 2 spells of him being awake for over 2 hours and 2 of my daughter for 30 minutes. This began at 1030 and I've had 2 hours sleep all night! To top it off my son wakes for the day at around 6/630am.
They are now totally formula fed (switched at 4.5 months as I couldn't cope, previously I exclusively pumped).
I have them take naps together in the pram during the day -
845 ish till 945 ish
1145ish till 1330/1400
1545/1615 ish
Daughter in bed at 630 (usually sleeps quite quickly) son in bed 645 (can faff for 20/30 mins but always asleep by 715). Get up 7am.
Please tell me what I can do to make them stay asleep? Any ideas welcome? This is way worse than newborn twins and I need to know there is an end in sight!
Ps dummies are used at night time, daughter not all that fussed by it and often spits it out.

Landy10 Thu 20-Apr-17 04:59:19

Oh and they are actually almost 5.5 months and at 5 months daughter went in her own room to try and have less disturbance and generally that's worked (I often now wake her at 7 and if not she wakes between 645/7). Son still in with me. Husband travels a lot/ v busy job so doesn't help much at night.

FATEdestiny Thu 20-Apr-17 09:40:25

How often are you feeding them in the daytime?

The first, and easiest, thing you could try is more bottles per day in the daytime. The extra calories (overall over 24h) can encourage deeper sleeping.

So at 5 months, I was feeding baby every 2 to 2.5h from 7am-7pm, then waking for a feed when I went to bed at 11pm. I don't know how frequently you are currently feeding, but an example would be:

Feed 6.30am
Feed 8.30am and straight to sleep
Nap 8.45am- 9.45am
Feed 11.00am and straight to sleep
Nap 11.15 - 1330/1400
Feed as soon as waking, 13.30
Feed 15.30 and straight to sleep
Nap 15.45 - 16.15
Feed 18.00
Bedtime 18.30/19.00
Wake for a feed 10pm ish

That's 7 full bottles betwwwn you waking and you going to bed yourself.

Another thing that may help is a dumny, try to settle babies at bedtime and during the night without feeding, using the dummy.

Landy10 Thu 20-Apr-17 10:00:02

Thanks for getting back to me Fate.
I try and give them 6 bottles a day but they NEVER take the full 210 in the bottle. Even at 7am when they haven't been fed since 930/10 the prior night.
Usual feeding is -

They are always offered 210mls as per the formula guidelines (I offer 6 bottles instead of 5 because the most they usually take is 150mls). My daughter is always sick after feeding but the doc says that's not a problem.

I do use a dummy and it does help - my son loves it and when he is being good he will get back to sleep in 10 mins with it. daughter doesn't really. Sometimes she will take it and it helps but most of the time she spits it out. I don't feed them in the night unless I genuinely think they are hungry (probably once a week one of them will get fed in the night).
How can I stop them from waking in the first place? I'm sure other peoples babies don't wake as often! Well it's really my sons waking that needs sorted because on average it's about 6 times in an 8 hour night!
Right must go wake them from their morning nap
Thanks again!

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