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Toddler and newborn bedtimes

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TepidCat Wed 19-Apr-17 20:20:36

I do solo bedtimes nearly every night and it's not working so I could do with some help/ suggestions.

Getting to bedtime/stories is fine (bath/pj's/stories/audio book) the issue is juggling the baby (7weeks) whilst the toddler drops off. I stay with toddler - sitting on the bed. Baby is fine for a bit feeding but when he drops off the toddler (2y4m) often disturbs him and then baby starts screaming with tiredness then toddler tried to help. Toddler is in a bed (with a bed guard - but won't let me put it up until he is asleep) as I had a csection and couldn't lift him. I can't put the baby down as the toddler jumps on him (with over enthusiastic cuddles). It can take up to 2 hours or more for toddler to go to sleep and he takes ages to unwind. Bouncing around, chatting etc. He sleeps fine at night (except if unwell or teething etc) and doesn't wake early).

We've tried cutting naps this isn't really working. I've tried saying I'm just going to wash up/do jobs etc but he just cries at his gate and I don't want to upset him too much at the moment as he is still adjusting to his brother's arrival.

I've thought about putting the bars back on the cot but he is a climber and also goes nuts if I put the bed guard up.

Sorry if this isn't very coherent - not getting much sleep!

Any help appreciated

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