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5 week old refusing to sleep - 9 day long growth spurt??

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MetalMomma96 Wed 19-Apr-17 12:58:34

Okay so I'm probably just after some encouraging words to stop myself from slipping into madness, but...

So last week (after having a pretty successful night time routine) I noticed that he was clusterfeeding a lot longer than usual to get to sleep - and this continued way into the night, so I just assumed another growth spurt/feeding frenzy was due. Lay down, latched him on and coslept for a few nights, and just fed continuously through the day as he wanted it. 9 days later, it still hasn't stopped and has seemingly got 'worse'. He will 'go down' for about 3 hours 12am-3am, but won't go back to sleep after this - makes extremely loud grunting/squirming noises and wakes himself fully up within an hour - and the crying unless latched at ALL times continues all through the day - poor thing is so exhausted his eyes are bright red. His poo's seem to be changing too - they're a lot more smelly (tmi?) and seem to be reducing in volume - except one very large one usually around 5am? He's so fraught and upset when he slips off the boob and when he gets back on he will kick/scratch/fuss (ouch). I'm very passionate about bf and very much want to carry on, and get that it's a supply & demand situation, but acting like this for this long? Kind of starting to get concerned! He's literally only feeding/napping on the breast/crying so no chatting/play/tummy time can occur - surely this is bad for his mental development? And it's not like we can leave the house (or bedroom, for that matter. Remind me again what a shower is?!) - because he just screams unless he's 'plugged into the mothership' - to visit the HV. Any advice would be great! -I don't supplement with formula (and don't want to), don't use dummies and don't particularly want to cosleep (I was very much anti cosleeping until the first frenzy hit 😂)-

FATEdestiny Wed 19-Apr-17 13:43:11

Breastfed baby's poo should not be smelly. This would suggest something wrong and could indicate a food allergy.

I would talk to your GP or HV about this. Take one of the smelly nappies with you if you can, it will help them appreciate you are not being neurotic.

mrsdane Thu 20-Apr-17 11:44:44

I'd agree with FATE - are you having dairy? Might be worth googling symptoms and speak to the Dr. Maybe consider cutting it out of your diet. I did after a reaction (red rash on DD's face, rough, dry skin on her legs) and it's made a significant difference to her sleep, as I was in a similar position to you at that stage.

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