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Talk to me about sleep regression

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pyjamapyjama Tue 18-Apr-17 03:39:20

My DS is 3 months old. He'd started sleeping through 9-6 but about 2 weeks ago started stirring around 10.30 then 11 then 12 and I need to put his dummy in to help him drift back off otherwise he wakes up fully and cries (not because he's hungry or dirty just for a hug) then he'll wake again twice for a feed but only taking half a bottle each time

So basically, is this the dreaded 3 month sleep regression? How long will it last? Any tips on coping through it? My mum suggested introducing a wee spoon of baby rice at night but although he is a hungry baby I'm very reluctant to give him that so young.


teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 18-Apr-17 08:39:11

Baby sleep can change a lot in the early months. There are often good periods and not so good periods. My 15 week old DS was sleeping until 4, now he seems to be waking every hour after midnight until he's up. But it'll all change again in a few weeks - hopefully for the better for me!

Please don't give him baby rice. He's far too young! If he's hungry, more milk is needed. NHS weaning advice is around 6 months but not earlier than 17 weeks and then only on medical advice.

FATEdestiny Tue 18-Apr-17 10:48:51

More milk in the daytime is better for calories than baby rice. Milk has far more calories, gram for gram.

Make sure you always provide a bottle with more milk in that baby will drink. Reoffer tge bottle after winding baby and make feeds more frequent by reducing the time between feeds. This will mean baby has more bottles per day.

My massive (91st centile) DD was having 6oz bottles every 2 hours from 7am-11pm at 4 months old. Drinking between 4-5oz of her bottle each time (6oz meant there was always more than she needed), with 8 bottles a day. In addition I would offer one extra at night, if needed.

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