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7 month baby having a party after night feeds

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usernoidea Sun 16-Apr-17 23:24:37

Currently still feeding 7mo twice a night. 10pm and 2am. Has 6 0z + at both feeds but after them it's like a Duracell bunny comes alive....singing, chatting, shrieking, thrashing around wildly in cot. Never upset just wide awake

Any suggestions as to how to break this cycle?!

FATEdestiny Mon 17-Apr-17 09:24:44

A firm hand on baby's chest/back can reitterate reiterated the need to be still and calm to go to sleep.

There is one school of thought that you just ignore s baby whos awake but not upset in the night. But it depends on your child.

Many babies are like spaniels - they don't have a natural off-switch and have to be taught to calm down and relax. If not taught, they just stay bonkers until over tired then get upset and agggitated until finally collapsing in exhaustion.

So I would lean an arm into the cot (from my bed, cot next to my bed, so not getting up myself), place on baby's chest/back to enforce stillness. A tightly tucked in sheet also helps with this.

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