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Soon to be 3 year old sleeping badly and constantly tired

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GlummyMummy Sat 15-Apr-17 20:59:59

My DD is nearly three, used to sleep through for 12 hours a night, but for the last while has started waking multiple times overnight and then getting up at 6am for the day. As a result, she is knackered during the day and her behaviour is suffering as a result. I usually end up having to let her nap, though she stopped napping nearly a year ago.

Any ideas as to how to prevent the early wake ups? Wouldn't mind so much if she'd slept right through, but 6am on top of being up to her at 2am and 4am is hard going! Anyone else had the same problem? It's just a shame when I see other kids her age looking refreshed and active, and she's yawning her head off and getting over-tired.

JimWithTwoNoses Sat 15-Apr-17 21:31:05

Do you know what's waking her up? Nightmares, too hot/cold, thirsty, or just random?
What happens usually when she wakes up, does she need you to get up and stay with her, or you just tuck her in and go back to your room, or does she come in your room?
How do you put her to bed at bedtime?

Sounds hard going, hopefully you can get some ideas to sort it smile

minipie Sat 15-Apr-17 21:35:46

Reinstate the nap (but 40min max) for a while

GlummyMummy Sat 15-Apr-17 21:41:10

Thanks for replies. It is hard going, as she's really hard work during the day and it's worse when you've not had a good sleep!

Her usual refrain when she wakes up is to ask for juice, but she then takes the tiniest sip so I suspect she's using juice as a ploy to get us to go in to her. To be fair, she does resettle quickly, but is usually up several times a night.

At bedtime, she self settles, around 7.30, though she does still have a dummy (that's another story! 😃)

Happy to give her naps for a while again, but not sure if that's encouraging the early rising? Plus, she will only sleep in the car so it means a bit of driving around aimlessly!

JimWithTwoNoses Sat 15-Apr-17 22:08:51

I don't think I'd give her naps. But if she was flagging I might let her chill out in front of the to or do a quiet activity like read stories to her for a while mid afternoon. I'd be worried naps would make her sleep worse at night as she doesn't need that much sleep.

I think what I'd try (although maybe you've tried this before) is have a talk with her during the day about bedtime and staying in bed. Tell her when she wakes in the night you won't be giving her juice anymore as it's bad for her teeth and she doesn't need it at night time etc etc. Then follow it through and when she wakes go in tell her it's night time and she needs to go back to sleep. Then leave. Resign yourself to a few rubbish nights sleep and think of the long term. If she moans just be really boring and keep putting her back to bed. Maybe do some kind of sticker chart reward system for the week and tell her she gets a small toy at the end of the week if she can be good.
I'd keep the dummy for the time being if you don't think it's related and tackle that another time!

GlummyMummy Sun 16-Apr-17 07:58:26

Sorry, should have said "juice" for her is just water!

Thanks for the tips Jim, that all makes sense. We were offering quiet time of TV for an hour a day instead of nap, but then I worried she was getting addicted to CBeebies!

And yeah, the dummy is our next issue to tackle....kind of dreading that!

Ohyesiam Sun 16-Apr-17 08:04:43

My eldest did this, and we did the chill out with TV just after lunch , th en something really tiring, like swimming, or several miles walk. There were 3 bad days, then she was over the hump and was sleeping better, so didn't need the chill out time.

JimWithTwoNoses Sun 16-Apr-17 17:55:01

Did think juice in the middle of the night was unusual!

Good luck, I didn't have exactly the same issues with my 3 year old but something similar, it was soooo tiring! But really didn't take long to nip it in the bud once I thought enough was enough and got stricter. Maybe a week.

GlummyMummy Sun 16-Apr-17 19:29:17

OhyesIam, wow, your toddler would walk a few miles? I'm impressed! Once my daughter gets the TV on there's no shifting her!!!

Going to try a GroClock I think, see if we can solve these 5.45 wake ups. I haven't slept past 6 in weeks. She does seem to be a child who needs quite a lot of sleep, she is very wired and uncontrollable when over-tired.

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